30 Hottest Emerald Green Hairstyles to Try in 2022

emerald green hair

Emerald green is a stunning hair color that can be used in various ways, whether you’re looking to add a pop of color or want to go all out with a green ombre. It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. If you’re thinking of trying emerald green hair, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of the best emerald green hairstyles to try in 2022. From subtle highlights to all-over color, there’s something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Get inspired and find your perfect shade of green.

1. Emerald Green Waves 


With the emerald color, hair waves appear more majestic and attractive. You will be fascinated by the enigmatic and gorgeous emerald green if you leave your hair in the hands of a professional hairstylist. 

2. Dreamy Emerald Green 


This vibrant shade of green is sure to capture the eye. The only regret you’ll have about this stunning emerald green hairdo is that you didn’t try it earlier! 

3. Bangs On Emerald Green 


The bangs falling on your forehead make your face even more remarkable with its emerald green color. Especially if you have dark eyes, the bright emerald green color on your eyes will look great on you. 

4. Straight And Long Emerald Green Hair 


We have the perfect solution for you if you want to be bold without taking too many risks. By shaping it straight, the hair that shines with the color emerald green provides a risk-free beauty. 

5. Emerald Green Balayage 


Green’s noble tone, emerald green, and balayage, one of the most popular dyeing procedures, combine to create your stunning haircut. 

6. Curtain Bang Style With Straight Hair 


With the emerald green hue, the movement you’ll add to your straight hair with the curtain bang cut will take on a more noble and radiant appeal. 

7. Natural Color & Emerald Green


The emerald green color, which you will add without disturbing the naturalness of your hair, creates a  style far from boring! Natural brown hair integrates with the mysterious and noble stance of emerald green. 

8. Layered Cut With Emerald Green 


Modern, unique, and fashionable. This is a fantastic hairstyle that combines a superb haircut and color. With its noble stance, the emerald green color elevates the layered and vibrant cut to a new level. 

9. Emerald Green On The Platinum Blonde 


You can take your hairstyle out of the ordinary with little coloring tricks. Peek-a-boo style emerald green and platinum blonde; make a great couple. 

10. Intense Balayage 


A more intense emerald green with more intense balayage. Hair that gains depth with the balayage technique looks fascinating. 

11. Emerald Green Pixie 


The bold stance of the pixie haircut, together with the extraordinary nature of the emerald green,  creates a hairstyle that rises even more. 

12. Mid-Parted, Mid-Length 


The middle-parted hair creates a youthful and sporty look with its medium-cut style. When the emerald green’s strong appearance is added, You will create a fascinating look with your daily style! 

13. Emerald Green And Purple 


You have decided that you want a more striking style but are unsure which direction to go; here is the purple and emerald green collaboration! 

14. Emerald Green Bob 


The perfect stance of the bob haircut integrates with the emerald green color. Especially women with small and round faces will love their looks with this hairstyle. 

15. Emerald Green Ombre For Dark Hair


If you’re sick of blonde ombre, we’ve got just the thing for you. Emerald green ombre is not only flattering on dark hair, but it also has a very distinct and individual style. 

16. Mullet Cut 


The meeting of the nostalgic and rebellious mullet haircut and the color of emerald green creates a scarce beauty. 

17. Waves, Waves, Waves! 


If hair waves are a must, this emerald green style would be perfect for you.

18. Emerald Green For Thick Hair 


It may be tough to give thick hair the shape you desire. However, compared to fine hair, they are significantly more durable and wear out much more slowly. Your thick hair will shine healthily and will be resistant to the Emerald green color treatments. 

19. Blunt Cut Emerald Ombre 


Sporty, modern, and out of the ordinary. Emerald green ombre will give your dark hair a unique look. This coloring looks excellent with a blunt-cut bob. 

20. Light Green Highlights On Emerald Green 


Even if green is not your favorite, it will become your favorite after seeing this perfect hairstyle.

21. Emerald Green Hair Ends 


Coloring the ends of the hair with different colors is a frequently preferred method of hair coloring recently. We loved the combination of Emerald green and dark hair. 

22. Natural Dark Roots 


The balayage you will apply to the ends of your long hair while maintaining your natural hair will be a significant alteration and a breath of fresh air for your style. 

23. Emerald Green Curls 


Curly hair, which increases its claim with Emerald green, will be that tremendous change you are looking for in your curly hair. 

24. Emerald Green Halo 


This halo dye to the shag haircut with emerald green will add a more ‘rocker’ vibe to your style!

25. Beach Waves On Emerald Green Bob 


The bob haircut with the beach is perhaps the most risk-free, and it’s a look that everyone will adore. This aesthetic is enhanced by the use of emerald green color on it. 

26. Chopped Layers 


The color of emerald green is brilliantly highlighted by medium-length hair that has been brought to life with a layered haircut. This timeless and impressive style is appropriate for women of all ages. 

27. Masculine Style With Emerald Green 


This tomboy haircut is for women with a more masculine style; It looks stunning with its emerald green color. Especially women with small faces; will love this style. 

28. One Sided Bangs 


One sided bangs, shaped with emerald green hair, will attract admiration, especially as it brings out the beauty of your dark eyes! 

29. Emerald Green Half Up Half Down 


The emerald green will express the Christmas spirit you’re looking for in your hair with the romantic half up half down style shaped with these braids! 

30. Emerald Green Make-over 


We all love colored hair, but look at that emerald green glow! 

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