30+ Inspiring Dreadlock Hairstyles for Women

A completely different and striking hairstyle, dreadlocks. Unique and brave women’s search for bold hairstyles to feel comfortable never ends. But with the dread hairstyle, this quest will come to an end! Dreadlocks are an excellent alternative for ladies seeking convenience, as they require both protection and ease of maintenance.

While the general population believes it originated in Africa, some expert stylists believe it originated in India. Whatever their origin, they are definitely charismatic and stylish!

We’ve put together a list of 30 distinct dreadlocks styles for you.

Half Up Half Down

Try the half up half down hairstyle like this! Here is one of the most stylish versions of dreadlocks.

Cozy Updo

You can create a sophisticated and cozy style by trying traditional hairstyles with traditional hair scarves.


Sunset Colors

The sunset color, which includes the most attractive tones of red, is combined with dreadlocks to create a free and striking look.

Stunning Dreadlocks

Long, light-layered dreadlocks are created from softly layered long hair, providing a gorgeous and flawless hairdo.


Medium Length

Thanks to the dreadlocks, your medium hair will be far from boring!

Pastel Tones

Your dreadlock hair, which you will decorate with pastel tones, is an exquisite way to express the free and peaceful spirit inside you.


Dread Bob

With its asymmetrical bob and dreadlock style, it will create a look that will both ensure healthy growth of the hair and impress with your appearance.

Swept Back

Swept back is one of the great hairstyle options that will bring out the beauty of your face. The hairstyle prepared with large and small dreadlocks is definitely eye-catching.


Dread Lock Ends

While the roots of your hair stay natural, the dreadlocks that extend after a few inches reveal a professional style.

Natural Style

Dreadlocks added between your hair will help you be a few steps ahead with your style in daily life.


Blonde Dreads

Blonde will add shine to your naturally shaped dreadlock hair, making it even more remarkable.


Dreadlock hair, which is decorated with authentic accessories, becomes an excellent alternative for long hair as they are both protective and stylish.


Red Mohawk Ponytail

Dreadlocks, adapted to the Mohawk hairstyle, become a legendary blend with the attractiveness of the red color.


The trend of silver color combines with dreadlocks, bringing both traditional and modern together in one style.


Long Ombre

Long ombre hair will achieve a sophisticated look with dreadlocks, making your everyday style your signature style.

Two Shades

While dreadlocks are striking in their own right, trying two different shades is both a bold and assertive move!


Jumbo Dreads

The hair is separated into triangles and dreadlocks are added to finish the look. While this style is time-consuming, the end product is very captivating.

Red Dreads As Space Buns

The natural orange-like tones of the red go perfectly with the dreadlock style. Space buns, on the other hand, are excellent for ladies with oval faces.


Pink Dreads

Pastel pink is the perfect choice for fair-skinned women. And dreadlocks are the most stylish complement to this perfect choice!

Unicorn Dreadlocks With Thick Bangs

By obtaining greater movement with the textured haircut, colorful dreads properly portray the young style. With dreadlocks and bangs, you may add your own personal touch to the hairstyle.


With Headbands

You will not lose anything from your naturalness while having a trendy and striking style with beautiful and authentic headbands that will prevent gorgeous dreadlocks from coming into your face.

High Massive Bun

You can have dreadlocks and yet experiment with other hairstyles. Moreover, even ordinary hairstyles with dreadlocks will be more remarkable than ever before.



Your layered hair is the ideal base for a dreadlocks style.

Fire Ends

The fire-tipped dreadlock style is the gem for you if you’re ready for even more wildness!


Extra Jumbo Dreadlocks

Extra jumbo size dreads take less time to make than standard dreadlock hairstyles. The style, which is created by splitting the hair into thick sections, has a dazzling sheen to it.


Try the classic hairstyle of our childhood on the dreadlock model, you will love it.


Messy Ponytail

Dreadlock that you can use with messy ponytail; It will complement your cozy style.

Platinum Dreads

We recommend that you consider the platinum dreadlock style if you want to be more charming and daring.


Chocolate Tones

If you’re bored of spending more time on your hair than required, your wonderful brown hair, which you’ve styled with dreadlocks, will appear extreme chic even with the simplest ponytail.

Sophisticated Draids

The dreadlock style, combined with authentic metallic accessories reflecting the African culture, looks magnificent.

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