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30+ Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas for Every Shade

Dark Brown Hair

Are you bored of your hairstyle? This year is time to make courageous changes in your hairstyle. Brown shades are always above the other options due to several tones and long term usage. Here are 30 of the most stylish dark brown choices for your hair.

Chestnut Brown

If you want to be brunette, but have some doubts about which one is for you; Chestnut is here for you. This color has both warm tones of medium red and brown. Bronze Highlights on brownIt’s named after the chestnut tree, suitable for all skin tones from light to dark.

Cinnamon Brown

Cinnamon Brown has highlights of red and ginger tones on a bold brown base. This color is the favorite choice of many celebrities, like Zendaya and Solange.


Caramel Highlights

Small changes make a big difference, like caramel highlights! It gives a more young and clean look, and perfectly suits with sunshines in summer days.

Brown Babylights

Brown babylights are lighter blonde tones on dark brown hair. It is very delicate and perfectly suits on curly hairs.


Chocolate Balayage

Balayage is always the first choice for more youthful looks and chocolate balayage is the most natural among these choices.

Soft Highlights on Warm Brown

With a little shining on warm tones gives a more authentic look for this year.


Bronze Highlights on Brown

Warmth of summer and the elegance of brown hair meet on common ground
in this tone.

Dark Chocolate

If you have darker skin tone, with this shade you will find perfect balance. If you have a lighter skin tone, with this shade you will find perfect contrast. Either way, you will have the perfect brunette look.


Copper Highlights

Copper is the shade of burnished brunette with radiant red. It gives a dimensional and elegant look on a perfect brown color base.

Ash Brown

Ash Brown is a very modern and popular choice these days. This shade mixture of brunette and grey tones. With the usage of purple shampoo, this shade lasts longer than warmth tones.


Highlights and Lowlights

So, you want some changes but you’re not quite sure what to do, right? We have an amazing alternative for you. You can curl your hair slightly first, then you can create a dazzling contrast with highlights and lowlights easily.

Dark Blonde Highlights

Dark blonde can look quite pretty with dark hair without so much effort. If you’re not sure about dying your hair dark blonde, don’t worry. Because you can have a striking look by balancing the highlights and having a fresh toner.


Cinnamon Brown Highlights

If you want to alter your look with slight touches, you can weave some cinnamon brown highlights into your brunette locks. You can also curl them into loose ringlets. You and your hair will make eyes turn to you.

Caramel Brown Highlights

You can leave your hair roots untouched and have caramel brown highlights. You will have both a sharp and a cute look with this hair color. With caramel brown highlights, it absolutely won’t be difficult for you to match your clothes with your hair.


Straight Hair

If you want to look courageous and gorgeous at the same time, you can simply straighten your hair. All you need is a hair straightener, and you will look like a bomb! Not only you’ll look courageous, but also straight hair will make you look confident.

Ombre in Lighter Shades

No matter what people say, the ombre will never be out of fashion. It is a modern and chic look for most women. So, if you have dark brown hair, you can add an ombre effect using light shades and look even more beautiful.


Ombre in Darker Shades

As we mentioned earlier, the ombre is timeless. It makes you look attractive and gives you a contemporary look. If you have dark brown hair and if you aren’t sure whether you want to get ombre in lighter shades, try dark shades. Adding an ombre effect using dark shades will make you look even prettier!

Honey Balayage

If you have wavy hair or if you’re planning to get your hair wavy, you can try honey balayage. Having balayage style, which is widely loved and used by most women, will definitely make you look fresh, cute, and charming at the same time.


Caramel Balayage

You can create a natural look for yourself with caramel balayage. We all agree that balayage creates a more natural-looking highlight effect and which goes well with everything, so why don’t you try having caramel balayage? You can look pretty and modern at the same time.

Chocolate Balayage

You can have a natural look with chocolate balayage with deep brown hair and layers. If you have dark brown hair, try having a chocolate balayage! Once you have chocolate balayage, you will feel confident, and you won’t regret it. So, definitely give it a try.


Chocolate Brown Hair

Nobody looks bad in a chocolate-colored hair. And nothing can top the elegance of a wavy style. It may sound like basic but believe us nothing beats the classics.

Chocolate Caramel Hair

Tired of your old hair? It feels kind of repetitive to you? Well, we have got the perfect hair for you. Why not spice things up with the perfect dream of mixing standard brown and caramel balayage?


Glossy Dark Brown Hair

What is even better than a dark brown hair you might ask? Here is your answer: a glossy one. It looks good in every skin tone and when the sun hits you it will make you look like you just jumped out of a magazine cover!

Dimensional Brown

One color is not enough for you? You feel like you want something extra? We found the best suit for you. A dimensional brown. The perfect combination of both dark and light shades of brown.


Dark Rich Brown

Sounds plain and simple? On the contrary, this hair is far from it. An amazing color that will go with all of your outfits and making it into a weave will accentuate your figure entirely.

Red Brown Hair

You might think that this only works in the winter, but you are completely wrong. If you have fair skin tone, this might be the best hair out there for you. When you see how this color looks on you once the sun hits, you won’t want to change it ever again.


Espresso Brown Hair

If your hair color is already on the darker side, why not take it even further? With this espresso look, you will look more natural than ever. Everyone will be seeing your energetic side.

Dark Chestnut Hair

Your hair color is a bit dark, and you want to change things up but not that much? We have the perfect fit for you then. This color is suited for all kinds of skin tones and doesn’t have any risk to it.


The Darkest Brown Hair

You like black hair and brown hair, yet you can decide on one? Here we have best of both worlds for you. This type of color will look black on first sight but under the light it will be the sweetest shade of brown.

Dark Roast Hair

Your skin tone is not so much on the fairer side, and you are afraid of trying something new? Not to worry, because this hair color is made just for you. Add a little lighter balayage to the tips and you will shine brighter than anyone else.

Yesim enjoys sharing new style trends with her friends and is excited to offer her knowledge to the readers of HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She currently lives in a peaceful touristic town in the USA with her husband and two children.