28 Dark Blue Hair Color Ideas For Your Next Makeover

For some, dark blue hair might be unconventional. But for many, it is one of those colors that make you stand out! The dark blue is an excellent choice if you want to switch up your hairdo and go with something a little more playful and quirky.

Various skin tones complement blue hair, which can be pretty appealing. Additionally, it is a great way to show off your naughty side and demonstrate that you are an independent lady who enjoys taking risks and chances. 

These color combinations are currently quite fashionable, along with the widely used dark blue hair color, although not all girls choose to go in this direction.

This is because pulling off such a hue shift demands a lot of determination in addition to standard preparation. The good thing is that you may customize your look to suit your preferences, thanks to the variety of hues and techniques available.

To help you with which look to wear, here we have dark blue hair color ideas for your next makeover. Scroll away! What are you waiting for?

1. Long Dark Blue Hair with Bangs 


This almost black dark blue dye job captivates our attention undeniably. The bangs add extra fun and a quirky vibe to the whole look! If you are not a huge fan of vibrant and striking colors for your hair, this look might be for you.

2. Dark Blue Wavy Lob Cut


If you want your hair to be of uniform color, and if you shy away from too vivid hues, we got you covered right here with this look. This dark blue lob almost shifts to a purple hue, but we cannot deny that it is captivating!

3. Dark Blue Hair with Light Blue Highlights


It’s a wise decision to add some lighter highlights to your dark blue ensemble. A gorgeous suggestion to spruce up your color and make it even more uncommon is to dye some of your hair portions in light blue tones such as this one. Just slight variation will draw attention to the bright enough components to draw people’s eyes while enhancing the beauty of your rich primary color.

4. Long Blue to Purple Ombre Hair


Purple roots + blue body + purple ends! We did not know this was the equation for a marvelous dye job! We bet that if you were walking down the street with this look, you wouldn’t reach 5 minutes without anyone noticing your hair because that’s how attention-grabbing it is! 

5. Dark Blue Medium Length Hair


Your chance to stand out from the crowd comes with this look, where the saturated dark blue melts with darker hues all over! Everyone should see such beauty! You might want to dive deep into the ocean after one glance at this look. 

6. Layered Long Deep Blue Hair


Now let the dark blue shade rule! Being in the limelight is unavoidable with a color like this. Add to that the layered cut, and you are now a beauty package! 

7. Dark Blue Bob Cut


This blunt bob is a rendition of the classic black to dark blue ombre that everyone raves about. The shortcut and the straight texture accentuate it even more. It is somewhat edgy while also adaptable and gorgeous on all complexion tones.

8. Pixie Cut with Dark Blue Highlights


These dark blue highlights have won our hearts. You will look stunning with this highlighted, streaky pixie, we promise. Here is assurance that the color looks chic with a feathery, brushed-back look.

9. Black to Blue Ombre Hair


A classic one for the books, you may say, for this look. The other half of the ombre is so distinctive as it captures our attention and interest even from a distance! 

10. Long Wavy Dark Blue Hair


This hairstyle could be the definition of dimension! The juxtaposition of the dark and light blue hues with a little hint of green looks with such depth and dimension. Not to mention the long and way hair that serves as a canvas for all those colored goodness!

11. Wavy Dark Blue Lob Cut with Bangs


If you are going for a blue goddess vibe for your look, then we have the perfect hairstyle for you. This lob cut with a dark blue hue can accommodate any face shape and skin complexion. The addition of layered bangs helps to frame the face beautifully, also!

12. Dark Blue Half Braided Long Hair


Who is not a fan of braids, right? To make it more lovely, the braids only go up to the half portion of the hair to make space for the stunning blue underneath! Here we look if you want that 3D texture for your dark blue hair. 

13. Blue and White Long Straight Hair


If you ordered blue and white, we are delivering them to you! This hairstyle seems like it just came out of an anime movie. The unique blue-to-white ombre is what the book’s main subject is! This may be a difficult dye job, but know that you are one good colorist far away from it! 

14. Purple to Ombre Wavy Hair


There are no restrictions when dying your hair. Consider your hair a blank canvas for experimentation; mix various blue hues, add deep purple highlights for depth, or do anything else you can think of! This purple to ombre hair is the perfect example!

15. Dark Blue and Green Lob


Here we have quite an unconventional dark blue hairstyle that would make you feel unique. The blue to green vertical ombre gives off a seafoam vibe, which we can’t deny is very satisfying to look at.

16. Dark Blue Glossy Long Hair


You better shield your eyes, for this look would blind you if you look at it for too long due to its utmost glossiness! The dark blue highlights on this gorgeously long straight here are a spectacle we all cannot help but stare at!

17. Blonde and Blue Hair


If you have blonde hair and want a pop of color to your canvas, this is it for you! The beautiful and intelligent color placement makes it seem like your hair is bleeding blue. Talk about taking pop-of-color to another level!

18. Mermaid Blue Hair


Are you on land, or are you in the ocean? Don’t worry because this look had us confused as well! This sophisticated blue mermaid dye job is the color of our dreams! The color placement of the hues, the styling, and the accessories are an eye-catching hairstyle! 

19. Pure Deep Blue Long Hair


Before you are nothing but a pure-blooded dark blue embodied on gorgeous long hair! The disparity of the barely-there black roots and the subtle light blue highlights combine to make for a stunning look that you would want to rock!

20. Blue Highlights on Medium Length Hair


Dark blue highlights provide depth to the hair and accentuate any skin tone. The dark blue hue is very subtle, as it is only in strands throughout the hair. One might want to sport her natural hair but also want something for subtle color. And this look is for that one!

21. Dark Blue Voluminous Bob Cut


This hairstyle is for women who are blessed with naturally voluminous hair. And if your hair is not the one with such volume, then layered cuts and hair teasing would be your best friend! The color, cut and styling for this look scream perfection.

22. Blue Color Block Short Hair


Are you hesitant to entirely color your hair blue? Then try these blue highlights to liven up your appearance and put your anxieties to rest. The color block is created by solely using the dark blue hue on the lower portion of the head.

23. Dark Blue on Short Curly Hair


For all the women who have curly hair, don’t think we forgot you because we have you covered! We can guarantee you can rock your curls with confidence! On your short ringlets, adorn them with the ever-so-stunning dark blue hue.

24. Blunt Blue Bob


One might say we can call this look like a blob! Short for blue bob, but we know you got it. We won’t even mention the catchy name, but we can say this look is catchy itself! A blunt bob with bangs is sometimes all a woman needs, and who could we blame?

25. Natural Roots to Dark Blue Hair


This look is one of the more gorgeous, unorthodox looks, but who cares? You can opt for this look if you are one with naturally blonde hair. Black-haired women can also try this lookout, but light-colored roots would be preferable for the drastic contrast, as depicted in this picture. 

26. Ash and Dark Blue


Ash and blue hues, as we all know, are delicate and striking, and we adore how well the darker and lighter shades work together in this ensemble. 

27. Dark Blue Money Pieces


These dark waves are made so much fun by this dark blue. If you already have face-framing highlights, using this color is one of the best ways to change them. You could also show this to your colorist and let them work their magic if you don’t already have it.

28. Gray to Dark Blue Ombre


One of the many things people can gawk at for a long time is the movement of stylistic hues that this coloring process may give to your hair, especially when it’s a gorgeous blend of grey and blue tones. These unique tints each create their vibe, flowing effortlessly into stunning hues.

Now, everyone, there you have it. Dark blue hair ideas for your next makeover! We hope these inspire you. Don’t forget to let us know which one of these will you sport!

Sitti is a beauty journalist on HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She is passionate about all things beauty and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She loves trying new products and trends and is always on the lookout for the next big thing in the world of beauty.