28 Curtain Bangs with Short Hair Ideas to Inspire Your Next Cut

short curtain bangs

If you’re considering cutting your hair short and are looking for some inspiration, look no further than these fantastic styles with curtain bangs. From classic bobs to pixie cuts, there’s a style here to suit everyone. And with so many different ways to style curtain bangs, you’re sure to find a look you love.

So what are curtain bangs? Curtain bangs are a type of fringe that is longer in the middle and shorter at the sides. This style is perfect for those who want to experiment with bangs but don’t want to commit to a full fringe. And because you can style short curtain bangs in so many different ways, they’re perfect for those who like to change up their look often.

So if you’re thinking about cutting your hair short and are looking for some inspiration, check out these fantastic styles with curtain bangs.

1. Shaggy Layered Short Hair with Curtain Bangs


 This insane hairstyle is provided by the magnificence of the already gorgeous shaggy short layers and the cherry on top of it all, the flowy curtain bangs flowing to the side. Aside from the highlights on a natural-colored base, the bangs have face-framing aspects making this look like a short haircut worth trying!

2. Blonde Short Hair with Light Blue Curtain Bangs


We all know an excellent old blonde hue can be one of the most extraordinary canvases for hair color. If you want the best of the blonde and color world, you can try out this look! The short hair has a blonde coating all over it, while the face-framing curtain bangs have this light blue shade. What a fun pop of color!

3. Orange Short Hair with Curtain Bangs


If you are in the market for a significantly stunning makeover, this look might be the one you are looking for! This lovely short hair has bright orange flowing throughout every strand. As if that’s not enough to pique our attention, the look has these gorgeous curtain bangs that complete the whole ensemble!

4. Wavy Long Bob with Curtain Bangs


Now, this is a look that will for sure bring light and attention to your face! That’s thanks to the stunning aspects of these flowy curtain bangs. It frames the face beautifully and highlights your eye color even more. The long wavy bob serves as an excellent base for this look!

5. Short Bob with Curtain Bangs


Right here, we have a look that will make the crowd stop and stare! The short, chin-length bob is one for wonders, and it is even upgraded to a whole new level with the addition of these gorgeous curtain bangs!

6. Short Flowy Bob with Pink Curtain Bangs


We can say that nothing beats a pop of color on a blonde base such as this look we have right here! The short flowy bob is already a spectacle to gaze upon. But add to that a flowy pink curtain bangs, and you are in for a wild journey!

7. Short Pushed Back Hair with Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs are a trend going on in the hairstyle world, and what better way to hop on the trend train than with this look! The short tresses are pushed back behind the ears to reveal the gorgeous face-framing curtain bangs right here!

8. Short Champagne Hair with Curtain Bangs


Are you desperately in need of a haircut change? Why not try out this eye-catching look that we have right here? This lob cut has champagne blonde balayage all over it, while the front portion has bouncy curtain bangs that are indeed a star to this look!

9. Foxy Burgundy Short Hair with Curtain Bangs


Contrary to the usual curtain bangs look, this hairstyle has a stunning side part to accommodate the subtle curtain bangs we have right here. This foxy short haircut is dyed with this magnificent burgundy hue, and we love it!

10. Jet Black Layered Short Hair with Curtain Bangs


It’s the perfect time to make a dramatic change to your hairstyle! And nothing is more than perfect than this hairstyle before you right here! The jet-black locks are cut and styled with stunning layers. The curtain bangs adhere to its name and draping over the whole look!

11. Short Peach Hair with Curtain Bangs


This light copper shade emits a color like that of a peach hence the name. While it looks spectacular with this short wavy hair, the curtain bangs add a nice little touch to the whole ensemble, making it a look you need to covet!

12. Brown Balayage Short Hair with Curtain Bangs


This hair moment deserves to be put out to the whole world! With the fabulous brown balayage shade flowing throughout the look and the delicate yet stunning curtain bangs, you will get addicted to just one glance!

13. Short Dark Red Hair with Subtle Curtain Bangs


We are here to tell you that this is the sign that you need to dye your hair red! Additional to the charming short length of this look, the hair mentioned above color plus the subtle yet stunning curtain bangs make this look a spectacular hairstyle! 

14. Platinum Blonde Lob with Curtain Bangs


Deep within every girl, there is just that one part that desires to dye her hair blonde. This bouncy platinum short hairstyle is even taken to another level by these pretty curtain bangs! And who are you to not respond to the calling, right?

15. Short Bob with Curtain Bangs for Thin Hair


Gorgeous hairstyles such as these are not only for the ones blessed with voluminous hair but also for the thin, fine-haired women out there! This short bob is perfect for thin-haired beauties and while you are at it, add these charming curtain bangs to the look for a completely gorgeous ensemble!

16. Soft Pink Bob with Curtain Bangs


This pastel, soft pink bob has such an attention-seeking trait that we cannot help but look at it. Meanwhile, the subtle curtain bangs at the front add depth and a face-framing aspect to the look! Consider attempting this look to live out your bubblegum pink dreams finally!

17. Layered Bob with Curtain Bangs


To make your hair appear more voluminous, try out this attractive layered bob, which will surely fall to your liking. You can do this look on your natural hair, and adding curtain bangs like this will help frame and bring light to your face!

18. Short Wolf Cut with Neon Green Curtain Bangs


Of course, this article would not be complete without a stunning wolf cut. This short layered hairstyle is taken to another level with the addition of these curtain bangs. The neon green hue adds a little oomph to the look! Who would want its choppy layers, right?

19. Angled Bob with Curtain Bangs


The crisp, clean line, the appropriate texture, and the beautiful balayage technique all contribute to making this whole look one of a kind! In addition to the aspects mentioned earlier; the curtain bangs styling of the look adds personality and depth.

20. Light Brunette Balayage Bob Cut with Curtain Bangs


One way of killing the hair trend is by donning this fabulous look! The shape of the bob is an excellent base for the light brunette balayage dye technique. On top of that goodness, gorgeous curtain bangs are added to the look for an out-of-this-world finesse!

21. French Bob with Curtain Bangs


Believe us when we say we are obsessed with this short French bob hairstyle! The highlights are kept to just the right amount, while the face-framing curtain bangs help to make a great silhouette for this charming look!

22. Sunflower Short Hair with Curtain Bangs


This color combination is just too dreamy for our eyes to enjoy! The half-and-half yellow and brown color technique is achieved on a mid-part voluminous lob. The extravagant curtain bangs add a wispy yet fabulous vibe to the look!

23. Shaggy Burnt Brown Short Hair with Curtain Bangs


This look will be perfect for the fall/autumn season! Take this as an inspiration to fuel your next trip to the salon! We guarantee you that this shaggy burnt brown look will do wonders for your hair! 

24. Choppy Layers with Curtain Bangs


The finesse and class that oozes from this hairstyle are just indescribable! That’s all because of the dark brown, choppy layers that comprise the whole look. Not to mention the curtain bangs that beautifully frame the face!

25. Blunt Bob with Curtain Bangs


Another thing we would like to point out is that the elegance a blunt bob gives off is incredibly fabulous! Such as, in this look that we have here, a brown-hued straight, blunt bob is accompanied by this curtain bangs look, and we couldn’t be happier!

26. Blonde Choppy Layers with Curtain Bangs


The combination of choppy layers, curtain bangs, and a dollop of blonde hue makes this look worthy of a podium mention in our article! Do we already know what a classic blonde hairstyle exudes but added with those other elements and these curtain bangs? Indeed a fab look!

27. Blunt Lavender Bob with Subtle Curtain Bangs


Every curtain bangs hairstyle, may be over-the-top or subtle such as in this look, are equally stunning all on its own! The subtle curtain bangs look a different vibe and depth! This blunt bob is dyed with this delicate lavender shade for this look.

28. Ash Color Block with Curtain Bangs


Be ready for all the slays to come with this gorgeous lob hairstyle right here! The wavy lob is decorated with this genius and stunning ash brown color block technique. The ash hue is directed mainly on the flowy curtain bangs; when we say this is gorgeous, we mean it!

That’s it for this article, ladies! These are curtain bangs with short hair Ideas to fuel your next significant hair adventure! Let us know which of these you will rock on your hair!

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