30 Curly Pixie Cut Ideas That Will Inspire You to Go Short

The pixie haircut is a flexible, fun haircut that you’ll love flaunting, whether you desire a slick and laid-back style or a daring shaved hairstyle.

If you want to cut your hair in a unique style, a short, wavy, or curly pixie is highly recommended.

A pixie cut can bring energy to naturally curly hair. There are several fashionable new pixie looks to express your uniqueness. 

Perhaps a curly pixie cut is exactly what your hair requires. Many ladies adore this universally attractive curly short hairdo for its depth, structure, and stylish appeal!

It’s easy to manage and saves you time begging your curls to cooperate. 

To help you choose, here are curly pixie-cut ideas that will inspire you to go short!

Classic Short Pixie

If fashioned in a natural, wavy manner, a curly pixie cut can look incredibly attractive. Pixie cuts are usually associated with the rebellious, bad girl looks. It all relies on the styling, though. The classic short curly pixie hairstyle is one to think about. 


Natural Pixie on Wavy Hair 

This edgy, chic hairstyle is such a very eye-catching look. If you have natural waves, embrace them with open arms! Add a little length on the bangs to make the overall look a snap!


Textured Curly Pixie with an Undercut

Try this textured pixie cut for your loose wavy curls to further distribute volume on the look. The undercut gives way for the upper portion of the hair to stand out. Thus, applying color to it such as this light brown would be a great opportunity!


Gray Curly Pixie

Why hide your natural gray curls if you can poise them up to become this gorgeous voluminous curly haircut? This short haircut is all about the volume, and we love it!


Red Pixie on Curly Hair

Short hair is an excellent opportunity to experiment with color. In this bold shade of red, this layered haircut looks very cool. The wispy, wavy locks are all swept up on top of the hair, which we adore. 


Long Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

A pixie cut may not usually imply shaved hair. This lovely side-swept hairdo has a longer top and a shorter back. It flows drastically over the side of your face for a chic, playful style that is still on the trend.


Copper Faux Hawk for Curly Hair

The enticingly gorgeous curl cluster on top gives the appearance of a daring faux hawk. A striking, dramatic look is completed with tightly trimmed hair underneath.


Multicolored Curly Pixie

The specific array of colors makes this curly pixie cut all the more stunning! 


Mahogany Red Wavy Pixie

The texture and the shape of this cut are such a spectacle to awe upon. This color is also a good alternative if you want red but shy away from its vibrant electric hue. 


Shaggy Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

Thanks to the perfectly done shaggy haircut on a pixie, this look’s vibe is very daring and quirky. Also, the placement of color on the curls, especially on the top part of the head, makes the look even more stunning.


Pixie Cut on Natural Black Curls

The key to a pixie haircut is to keep the sides short, and the top long. Women with powerful assets such as flaring cheekbones, strong jawline, or doe eyes will look great with this hairstyle. With this look, go for natural!


Pixie on Short Waves

This blunt yet sleek hairstyle is the ultimate definition of fab! We can’t help but gawk at this, especially on the curls on top of the head that just flawlessly fall on the forehead. Pair this look with bold makeup, and you’re the perfect package!


Side Swept Curly Pixie

This incredibly soft haircut will undoubtedly be the talk of the party. This look is up to everyone’s alley, with the natural curls growing on the top of the head. Remember, the less you mess with your curls here, the better.


Soft Pixie on Fine Hair

Fear not for all the women who have fine wavy hair but are hesitant to try this haircut. This hairstyle is such an effortless look for you to sport your natural hair. This is also undoubtedly the most low-maintenance of all haircuts.


Pink Wavy Pixie

We say this is the perfect shade of pink to wear, and we can say it is suitable for women of any age! The slightly almost burned pink here is what takes eyes off of everyone. And the curls on top of the head, including even a micro bangs moment, are what we live for!


Silver Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

Be silver and in style! Who said you couldn’t rock trendy hairstyles if you’re older? This haircut is genuinely ideal for women who have embraced the silver life.


Mohawk Pixie for Afro Hair

This one is for the Afro curly-headed ladies out there. The beauty of this haircut is that instead of the classic trimmed sides of the mohawk, this specific inspiration gives an illusion that it looks complete even though it’s short. 


Ash Gray Curly Pixie

Gray has been one of the most popular hair colors in the past few years. Color your gorgeous waves with this ashy gray tone and have your hairdresser trim them into this stunning short hairstyle, and you’re ready to go!


Blue Curly Pixie

Blue is a popular hair color right now, and this wavy, short haircut brings it out. This is a low-maintenance but gorgeous hairstyle.


Curly Pixie with Naturally Gray-White Hair

Pigment cells in your hair follicles produce melanin, the chemical that gives your hair its color. These cells begin to die as you become older. Because new hair strands lack color, they grow lighter and eventually turn gray, silver, or white. But science didn’t say we can’t sport an excellent haircut if your hair turns gray. Please take a look at this inspiration and rock it!


Blonde Curly Pixie

This curly pixie hairstyle is already lovely, but adding some blonde tones like the ones seen here amps the edginess even more!


Red Pixie on Curly Hair

Everyone will be blinded upon seeing this insanely bright red haircut! Style your curls on this short but vibrant haircut and be the belle of the party!


Curly Pixie with Long Bangs

Hairstyles such as this asymmetrical pixie have a lot of length in the front that you may tuck behind your ear. It loosens your features and allows you to be more creative with your hairstyles.


Old Hollywood Inspired Curly Pixie

This look is very much a tribute to Old Hollywood film stars. Now, who said vintage is out? Because from what we can see, It’s definitely in.


Paprika Red Short Pixie

You may get weary of having long hair and desire a curly pixie cut. Rocking this paprika red colored haircut is one way of achieving that! The true beauty of a haircut is defined by how you wear it with confidence and flair, not by how long your curls are.


Wavy Pixie with Blood Red Highlights

This wavy pixie style is ideal if you want a curly pixie cut that is edgy and trendy. It doesn’t matter what color your hair is, but if you’re feeling daring, go for brilliant blood red highlights such as this one to make it look trendier and more eye-catching! For women with naturally dark hair, this appearance would be ideal.


Soft Curl Pixie with Purple Highlights

A curly pixie cut also reflects your fun and lively personality and is one of its best aspects. Although tight curls are beautiful, gentle curls allow you to style your hair numerous ways. To convey your nature, use exciting colors like this purple highlight!


Pixie with Big Waves

In terms of styling, this specific pixie cut is more versatile. Because the waves are a little more giant, you can style them differently. This has an edgy edge that we can’t get enough of.


Curly Pixie with Shaved Sides

One look at this hairstyle, and you won’t contain yourself with the chicness it exudes! We can’t get enough! This look’s elements seem to work together to become a perfect hairstyle—the color, curls, undercut, and spicy, shaved sides.


Bleached Pixie with Soft Curly Waves

Allow your short curly hair to go playful with this dreamy look that screams free, trendy, and unique. Please choose a side portion, style it, and let the rest fly! 


Now, we have inspired you to go short. It’s your turn to try them, and don’t forget to let us know!

Yesim enjoys sharing new style trends with her friends and is excited to offer her knowledge to the readers of HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She currently lives in a peaceful touristic town in the USA with her husband and two children.