30 Curly Mullet Haircuts to Pull Off in 2022

curly mullet

We highly recommend the mullet cut to give your curly hair a unique, crazy, or nostalgic look. Stranger Things’ success has also impacted our sense of style; the mullet, a wild and rebellious hairdo popular in the 1980s, is back in vogue. 

The curly hair is if there is anything that makes this colorful style even more striking. This popular,  easily shaped hairstyle has elements of nostalgia and offers you more than you’re searching for. To assist you to choose the curly mullet style that best suits you, here are 30 various curly mullet ideas.

1. Purple Curly Mullet 


More original, more unique! If you want to make your style your signature, we recommend you to give this hairstyle a chance. 

2. Natural Curly Mullet Style 


This look will undoubtedly serve as inspiration for women who desire to use their naturally curly hair  with natural colors! Your bangs-shaped face will be beautifully framed by your magnificent curls. 

3. 80s Blonde Mullet 


The blonde mullet cut makes it possible to bring the wild and free-spirited look of the 1980s into the  2020s! The final touch to this look is to shape your curls outward. 

4. Masculine Style Curly Mullet 


For women who want a more masculine look, we provide a tasteful and nostalgic option. You’ll adore  how this haircut looks! 

5. Long Curly Auburn Mullet  


To spice up curly hair, a mullet haircut will be a great option! We loved the long version mullet style with warmth tones of auburn color. 

6. Long Blondie Mullet 


If you want a touch of the 80s to your blonde curly hair; Why not try this style? An easy-care and stylish  look is possible with this hairstyle. 

7. With Straight Bangs 


The curly mullet style, with only the fringe portion straightened, offers a style that is both free and  distinctive for a unique look.

8. Short Curly Mullet 


You won’t be able to give up after you give the short curly mullet style a try! You wouldn’t change a  thing about the fast-forming, easy-to-care-for, and incredibly pleasant feel of this style. 

9. Pixie Mullet Style 


One of the unique curly mullet styles is created by this short hair, which is reminiscent of the pixie  haircut. 

10. Pink Voluminous Mullet 


By giving the top of the hair a rich layered cut, even women with thin, curly hair can have a really  voluminous look. The brilliant pink color and fascinating mullet cut make for a fantastic look. 

11. Summer Inspirations With Mullet Style 


This wonderful shiny hairstyle offers you a very fresh summer style with its cutting technique inspired  by the mullet style. 

12. Red Curly Mullet 


Red hair’s glitz and nobility complement the Mullet haircut quite well. It will be tough to escape notice  with such a daring hairstyle. 

13. Mullet For Thick Curly Hair 


When your dense hair, which you can soften with a multi-layered cut, is completed with a mullet  haircut, you will catch the perfect harmony of modern and nostalgic. 

14. Mermaid Mullet 


The mullet haircut, which meets with mermaid colors, creates a completely different look with the  straightening of the bangs of curly hair. 

15. Mohawk Inspired Curly Mullet  


This stunning mullet hairstyle comes in a variety of styles such as it is similar to the Mohawk style with  shaved sides. This look is a fantastic recommendation for women who don’t think twice about grabbing  attention with their appearance. 

16. With Short Bang 

When adapting the Mullet style to curly hair, it is often complemented with long bangs for ease of use. But why not try short bangs for a more assertive and eye-catching style?! 


17. Big Curls For Mullet Style 


Big curls, big style! Your face, framed by your curly hair, will have the most perfect look.

18. Volume On Top  


The top of your hair takes on a highly voluminous appearance as a result of the thick layers that have  been cut into it. This style will help you appear to have a longer face, thus we especially suggest it for  women with round features and those who have double chin issues. 

19. Beautiful Face Framing 


This curly mullet hair elegantly frames your face, making it difficult not to adore it! For women who  are sporty and seeking a new look, it is a really intriguing alternative. 

20. Natural Tones Of Medium Length Mullet 


This medium-length mullet haircut, which is styled without ruining the natural texture of your hair, is  great for you if medium length hair is the perfect feature for you, both ease of usage and being ready  to access any shape effortlessly. 

21. Blonde Shaggy Mullet  


This style, which is a magnificent combination of iconic nostalgic haircuts of shaggy and mullet styles;  with the blonde color, it becomes a shining option for curly hair. 

22. Textures With Mullet Cut 


Your textured cut curly hair falling on your forehead is a great mullet cut that will highlight the beauty  of your eyes. 

23. Mullet Cut For Teenagers 


For young girls, the mullet cut can be a good choice. This gorgeous haircut is one illustration that  exemplifies the attractiveness of this decision the finest! 

24. Blonde Ends


Small details can change your whole look; like these blonde ends added to the curly mullet cut for  example. This touch, which makes the style quite fresh and remarkable, helps to achieve a complete  summer look. 

25. Side Shaved Haircut 


Bringing the mullet haircut to a very different style, the side shave is the perfect choice for assertive women who are not afraid to take risks. 

26. Colored Voluminous Mullet 


The mullet haircut will give your curly hair a highly distinctive and effective appearance. It is really  difficult to reject this look after coloring! 

27. Thin Curly Mullet With Green Pops 


With green pops coloring, your thin, curly hair will have a really distinctive and interesting appearance!

28. Intense Curls 


The mullet hairstyle looks excellent with thick, curly hair. By letting you shape your curly hair with only  one touch, this spectacular style will also allow you to decrease your preparation time in half. 

29. Natural Red Curly Hair With Mullet Style  


Long, dense, curly and red! Is it possible to get a bad look in this combination? Mullet style, on the  other hand, will impress those who see it with your style, while giving a unique change. 

30. Thick And Brunette Mullet 


This haircut looks fantastic with flawless curls! Mullet with thick curls is perfect if you want a look that  is both fashionable and sporty. 

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