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30 Curly Haircuts and Hairstyles with Curtain Bangs 

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Curly hair is very cool and stylish on its own. If you want to take this perfect look even further, a haircut that combines modern and vintage perfectly; curtain bangs will be the option for you! 

This haircut, which will draw attention to your face, is based on the logic of a layered bang cut, which starts from the cheekbones.

A unique look is created by adjusting the length of the bangs and the layered cut according to your request and the shape of your face. 

Curtain bangs, one of the most iconic haircuts of the 1980s, were blended with modern hairstyles to become one of the most popular new trends in 2020.

Bring this retro flair to your curly hair, and we guarantee you’ll have a style worth seeing! 

Here are curly haircuts and hairstyles with curtain bangs to give you some inspiration.

Long Curtain Bangs With Curly Hair 

Starting with a long layered haircut, curtain bangs will be the perfect choice for curly-haired women who don’t like to take risks with their hair but want to experience a sweet change.

Face Framing Curtain Bang 

These curls, which will frame your face perfectly, will add the perfect cuteness to your face when completed with a curtain bang cut!

Big Curls 

Big curls will pour over your face with the curtain bangs cut, creating a look that is both romantic and enchanting.

One Sided Blonde  

With its cool stance, curly-haired women commonly like one-sided styles. You may make your blonde curls even more spectacular by supporting this look with curtain bangs.

Eye Level Curly Curtain Bang Style 

The layered haircut, which starts at the level of your eyes, will reveal the beauty of your eyes as an extra.

Elegant Curtain Bangs With Layers 

Elegantly dropping hair layers will draw attention to your face while making your curly hair easier to manage.

Natural Tones

Wouldn’t it be great to try a unique and natural haircut with your natural hair color? You will obtain a pleasant and cozy look with this curtain bang style.

With Blonde Highlights 

Hair that adds shine with blonde highlight gets even more stylish with a curtain bang haircut. 

Full Mode Curtain Bangs 

Shortcut curtain bangs can also be used in full bangs mode whenever you feel like it!

Curly & Wavy Hair 

One of the most suitable curly and wavy hair types is the messy style. Curtain bangs will enhance the gorgeous look even more!

Bob Curls 

Curly bob hair looks even better with curtain bangs! The cut, which features shorter layers to blend in with the short haircut, is eye-catching.

Shortcut Curly Hair 

Short curtain bangs complement your short curly hair. This is a fantastic hairdo that you should attempt!

Curtain Bangs For Mid-Ages  

In your later years, your curly hair may be an even better style piece for you. This style is a must-try, particularly if you have colored eyes. Hair cut at the level of your eyes will bring attention to them.

Prominent Curls 

Prominent curls fascinate thanks to the layered cut, which stands out even more with its blonde color.

Short And Voluminous 

The bangs that end above your eyebrows create even shorter curtain bangs. You will love these bangs, which give a more voluminous look to the short haircut!

One Sided Curtain Bangs

A young and vibrant style calls for a new hairstyle! Curly bangs will complement your style with their youthful and trendy vibe.

Brunette Curls 

This one-sided style proves wonderfully that curtain bangs don’t have to be used just by parting the hair in the middle.

Wild Red 

The hairstyle, completed with short-cut layers at the level of the curtain bangs, gives your curls considerable volume; it makes your hairstyle the center of attention!

Curtain Bang Transformation 

There cannot be a better before-after on how the curly bangs style will add a fresh touch to your face!

One Eye Shut 

The one-sided curtain bang cut will add a mysterious and stylish vibe to your style! At the same time,  this haircut that supports volume will be a big step in your style.

Thin Curls 

Extra coiled curls highlight a different style even more. One of the most straightforward style elements that will offer you this extra style is undoubtedly the curtain bangs.

Curtain Bangs For Kids With Curly Hair 

The hairstyles of little princesses are significant to them. This curtain bang haircut will be your daughter’s favorite, with its easy styling and beautiful appearance.

Reddish Brown Curls 

Your warm-toned hair will complement your cool-toned skin! Thanks to the curtain bangs, the hair that falls on your face will give you a warm look and make you look fantastic.

Thick Curls 

Curtain bangs complete the distinctive thick strand curly hairdo, which matches the high-volume hair.

Purple Ends

Your style, spiced with curtain fringes, is taken to a whole new level with the purple color added to the ends of the hair!

Glowing Curls 

The front part of the hair wears out faster due to more processing. Curtain fringes, shortened by elegantly layering in front of the hair, lengthen the hair healthy and radiant; a healthy and stylish hairstyle is formed.

Natural Silver Curtain Bangs 

Double pairings of curtain bangs and silver hair as both daring and recently hot hair trends!

Shag Style Curtain Bangs 

Unforgettable hairstyle of the 80s; The shag cut is one of the haircuts identified with the curtain bang style. This 2022 version creates a perfect look.

Lob Length 

A modern haircut with features from both bob haircuts; and medium-length hairstyles can be easily shaped. One of the perfect style elements that suit this hair length is curtain bangs!

Short Curtain Bangs 

Short curtain bangs, but its effect on you will be quite long!

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