30 Hottest Copper Balayage Hair Ideas

cooper balayage hair

Brilliant and warm hair color is tough to resist. Copper balayage is one of the hairstyles that will appeal to you because of its vibrant colors. 

Red hair has a feminine vibe that will boost your look. Women with cold undertones, on the other hand, will have a balanced style thanks to the warm color. 

Of course, this flawless, trendy, and gleaming hair has a drawback. Maintaining the vibrancy of this color is really challenging.

As a result, you should look for shampoos that offer the feature of protecting hair color. However, this disadvantage pales in comparison to the unique style that copper balayage provides! 

Dark Copper Balayage 

The look, which offers a more distinctive and sharp balayage look with dark tones, is created with a  process that requires a lot of professionalism. A few hours at the hair stylist will turn you into a great style. 


Copper Balayage On Red Hair 

This balayage, which will add more sparkle and warmth to the red hair, fascinates by looking like a  continuation of the red. 


Light Copper Balayage 

The light copper balayage you will choose to add depth to your red hair will give your hair a healthier and more intense look. 


Copper Balayage On Dark Coffee Brown  

The elegant color of dark brown gains shines with copper balayage. You won’t be able to resist this hair color. 


Long & Shiny 

Long hair looks great with a bold balayage! More shine, more style. 


Wavy Copper Balayage 

Copper balayage, which is revealed even more with wavy hair, will win your heart with its radiant stance. 


Natural Look

In this style, in which your hair roots are protected in dark tones, your hair stands as if it has been lightened naturally, creating a natural look. 


On Dark Shades 

These hair waves inspired by the vintage look and dark copper style with dark hair attract attention for a more feminine and stunning appeal. 


Copper Balayage Bob 

The dark bob hairstyle is finished with lovely bangs that will complete your look. Add a gorgeous copper balayage to this amazing style to make it even better! 


Copper Balayage With Curtain Bang Style 

For a few more years, curtain bangs appear to be highly popular! Copper balayage has become one of our favorite ways to complement this trendy haircut style. 


Natural Red Head Vibes 

This copper balayage, which has numerous beautiful hues of red, creates a truly natural redhead vibe.  You should try this hair color, especially if you have freckles! 


Copper Balayage For Straight Hair  

Straight hair is risky as it shows the coloring process perfectly and in detail. But it is one of the most perfect styles that can be preferred after a professional balayage procedure! 


For Mid-Aged Women Style 

Copper balayage, which will spice up the style of middle-aged women, will be an indispensable hair color with its shine and fresh stance. 


Light Copper Balayage On Dark Hair 

Light-colored copper balayage on dark hair creates a perfect contrast and catches the eye!


Fire & Copper Balayage  

You will burn with your style with the copper and fire red balayage! 


Copper Waves

This exquisite, distinctive, and bright hairstyle will enhance the beauty of women’s faces, particularly those with fair skin and colored eyes. 


Soft End Waves 

The hair, which will gain a perfect movement with the light wave that will be added to the ends of the copper balayage hair, will fascinate. 


Face Framing Copper Balayage 

The curtain bangs haircut and face framing coloring are two current hairstyles that have become fashionable. 

The combination of these two popular styles, together with the copper balayage method, results in a  look that everyone will adore. 


Hair Extensions With Copper Balayage 

When the hair extensions are chosen in a form that is very close to your hair, the difference between the natural and the natural becomes invisible. After the copper balayage application, dense and voluminous hair takes on a dreamy style. 


Perfect Make-over 

If you are tired of blonde tones but still looking for remarkable hair color, this wonderful change will inspire you. 


Messy Look With Dark Shades Of Copper 

With the messy style, your hair, which looks more voluminous thanks to the depth achieved by the copper hair color with balayage, amazes you by adding even more volume to the messy hairstyle. 


Orangey Copper Balayage 

Copper balayage in neon tones similar to orange will give you a young and energetic haircut.


Vibrant Dark Copper Balayage On Dark Hair 

The vibrant dark copper color will add a gorgeous and attractive glow to your dark hair.


Chopped Cut

The copper-colored balayage adds warmth to the hair, which receives even more flow with the chopped cut style. 


Shortcut Copper Balayage 

With the copper balayage color, your style, which obtains a modern and cute aspect with the short haircut, is spiced up, and your short hair becomes your number one style item. 


Copper Pops 

Balayage is used minimally in this style, where the face framing method is highlighted well. This style will catch the eye, especially if you have dark hair. 


Copper On Natural Brown Hair 

You don’t necessarily have to go blonde to make a change in your natural brown hair. Copper balayage will make you fall in love with your hairstyle because the brown base gives it a more natural look


Red-Copper Balayage 

It is impossible not to attract attention with this red-copper tone! Especially if you have a cool undertone skin, the warmth of this color will perfectly balance your look. 


Elegant Waves 

With these elegant hair waves, you can have a romantic and at the same time a bright and feminine look with the copper color. This style, which resembles a vintage look, attracted us to itself! 


Extra Glow 

This balayage technique, which involves combining dark and light copper colors, results in a distinctive style that adds gloss to the hair. 

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