30 Colored Pixie Cut Ideas to Copy

A pixie cut is a short women’s haircut with lots of layers. The shortest layer is cut around the ears and gradually gets longer towards the crown. Pixie cuts are very versatile and can be styled in many different ways. You can add bangs, spikes, or curls to a pixie cut.

Why not try coloring your pixie cut if you’re looking for a change? Colored pixie cuts are a great way to add fun and personality to your look. And there are so many different colors to choose from!

Whether you want to go bold with bright colors or keep it simple with a few highlights, there’s sure to be a colored pixie cut that’s perfect for you.

Please scroll down to see our collection of colored pixie cuts and get inspired!

1. Pink Top Foil Curly Pixie


Would you believe that the pink color, with its lovable and sweet appearance, provides a beautiful style with a strong and masculine attitude? This stunning appearance will convince you! 

2. Amber Pixie 


The warm tone of amber will suit you very well, especially if you have freckles! For a natural and complete look, this hued Pixie creates a great style that’s easy to use. 

3. Silver Pixie 


You will draw attention to yourself by showcasing the silver color’s trend more clearly while having the pixie cut. 

4. Pink Sorbet Long Pixie 


One of the lightest and sweetest tints of pink, sorbet pink, gets its name from a delicious beverage that looks just like it. This modern and contemporary look is one that you cannot abandon.

5. Swept Back Vibrant Pink Pixie 


The swept-back pixie hairstyle will reveal your face’s beauty and become even more striking with its vibrant pink color. This style is one of our favorites for women with courage and a character who is not afraid to take risks. 

6. Blue Highlighted Brunette Pixie


The blue sparkles you will add to your brunette pixie style will take your style a few steps further.

7. Pastel Pixie For Mid-Aged Women 


Growing older does not mean you should abandon your sense of style! With this pastel-hued Pixie, you may have a gorgeous haircut that is incredibly simple to maintain and draws attention. 

8. Fairy Green Pixie


This fairy-tale green tone, which we can define as Tinker Bell green, looks great, especially with green make-up! 

9. Unicorn Pixie 


This pastel color palette, called unicorn colors, is a fantastic option for daring ladies. Particularly for curly hair, unicorn pixie haircuts can produce excellent results. 

10. Purple Shades 


Despite not being widely known, purple is a beautiful color choice for dark brown hair. You can get a  dazzling, feminine pixie cut with this color combo. 

11. Short & Red Pixie 


It would be best if you considered this haircut for fashionable women who don’t hesitate to grab everyone’s attention everywhere they go. 

12. Light Green Pixie With Brunette Undercut 


Light green pixie with undercut is a unique haircut that can promote much healthier growth of your natural hair without sacrificing color. This style, in which only the upper part of the hair is left long, is one of the most striking options. 

13. Long Orange Pixie 


You can achieve more stunning and voluminous hair with the layered pixie cut. Orange is most definitely this hue! Bold color and this fantastic haircut come together to make an attractive style.

14. Lilac Pixie


This lilac color and pixie cut are perfect if you want a color to express your romantic side! We were also impressed by the style, which is quite simple to maintain and will captivate you with its color. 

15. Lime Colored Swept Side Pixie 


The Pixie haircut will give you a great look with long bangs and fresh lime color; it will be your favorite.

16. Natural Curly Blonde Pixie 


Using your flawlessly curly hair in a short pixie cut will be a spectacular choice! The look is highly fashionable and has a bright, contemporary feel thanks to its blonde tone.

17. Burgundy Long Pixie 


A long pixie cut and the nobility of burgundy color will give you a charming and feminine appearance. 

18. Daring Curly Long Top Red Pixie 


The perfect and assertive combination of this Mohawk and pixie style attracts attention with admiration! 

19. Brunette Pixie With Long Bang  


Your look will be unique with these lengthy bangs! This style will be a stylish savior, especially for women with an open forehead. Due to its brunette color, it will highlight your face’s lovely lines. 

20. Strawberry Blonde Wavy Pixie 


This shade of blonde, one of the warmest blondes, is a pleasant tint with red highlights. With this hue, which gives the pixie haircut vitality, you may use your wavy hair effortlessly! 

21. Extra Short Cold Blonde Pixie 


For women who wish to highlight the beauty of their face, the extremely short pixie cut is the best choice. Wom n with warm skin undertones will look stunning in contrast with the cold blonde hair color. 

22. Black Pixie Hair  


Straight hair is one of the most comfortable hair types in pixie haircuts. The hairstyle, which has a bolder look with the black color, will be an excellent choice for women of all ages. 

23. Cherry Red Pixie 


One of the deeper reds, cherry red, is a gorgeous combination of scarlet and purple. This appealing and feminine color spices up the pixie style. 

24. Light Turquoise Pixie 


Turquoise is a great color reminiscent of the clean and calm ocean of the Maldives. You can create a fresh, eye-catching style using this color on your Pixie cut hair. 

25. Natural Brown Tones 


Brown hair will both reveal your facial features and erase the harsh expression on your face. The color in these sweet tones; creates a feminine style with long-cut pixie hair. 

26. Ashy Blonde Balayage Pixie 


Balayage is the technique you need if you want to add uniqueness and sparkle to your dark hair. This ashy blonde hue will wow you by giving your look a contemporary and radiant appearance. 

27. Shades Of Green 


This vibrant green Pixie is for you if you’re looking for a unique look, and taking any risks comes naturally to you! The curly pixie cut goes very well with the coloring, which is composed of several tones of green. 

28. Icy Blonde Pixie  


Long bangs framing your face will bring your style to a sophisticated look. In addition, the icy blonde color is the key to a modern and clean look. 

29. Blue Natural Curls 


Your natural curls will look fantastic when you dye them the perfect shade of blue, and it will go with any skin tone and style! 

30. Platinum Pixie 


One of the boldest shades of blonde, platinum color creates a very assertive style with a pixie haircut. 

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