Choppy Bangs: 30+ Look You Should Try

Choppy bangs are a terrific way to bring a unique twist to your look. The bangs will be trimmed according to the shape of your face and will be highly functional and stylish as a complement to your style. You can cut them long, short, or asymmetrically.

Side or full, thin or thick, chopped bangs adapt to any style and shape, creating a layered and easy-care look. Bangs that will give your hair perfect angles and layers; straight, curly, or wavy hair fascinates with its magnificent appearance! Our list of different chopped hairstyles will amaze you regardless of your hair type!

Sunset Ends

If you want to draw attention to yourself with your hair, this latest hair coloring trend will be ideal for you. Applying the desired color simply to the ends of the hair has become a popular trend in recent years. Chopped bangs are a great finishing touch.


Shaggy hair is a very successful style element that has survived from the 70s. One of the signatures of this style is chopped bangs.


Chopped Bob

The bob style may be styled in a variety of ways, but we love it best when it’s paired with chopped bangs!

Long & Straight Hair

You can take your style one step further by adding chopped bangs to your long hair.


Ashy Brown

This year, brown tones are particularly popular. You can offer your ashy and lovely brown hair an authentic expression with a chopped bang.

Wolf Cut

TikTok trends brought the wolf cut to life, which is a remarkable and youthful look. Chopped bangs are the perfect accompaniment to this look.


Sunset Bangs

Different color baby-length bangs will be an eye-catching piece. Especially in sunset colors.

Red Bob

By completing its attractive look with shortcut chopped bangs, red close to brown tones will bring your eyes to the forefront.


Punk Pink

Punk styles are known for having a lot of layered cuts. Chopped bangs are, of course, an essential feature of this hairdo. The bangs that complete your free-spirited and rebellious style will look fantastic on your face!

Colorful Bangs

Dye your bangs to take your fashion game to the next level! Your face will take on a dynamic stance if you choose soft hues to cover your brows.


Long And Volume

Please try this hairstyle if your hair is thick and volumized. With chopped bangs, a dense and voluminous stance takes on an entirely different attractiveness.

Choppy Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are becoming more popular. Curtain bangs in the shape of chopped cuts will help you to keep up with the latest fashion trend.


Fresh Bob

Long and blonde bangs create a clean look that will brighten your face.

Side Bangs

Chopped side bangs, which frame your face elegantly, are shaped completely according to your length between the forehead and the chin.



Mullet is a daring and distinctive haircut. For a hairstyle that represents an independent and wild style, chopped bangs are necessary.

Daring Pixie

With the gorgeous chopped bangs, the haircut, which reveals the magnificent elements of your face, looks perfect.


Mohawk Mullet

Asymmetrical, freestyle bangs cut any way you want can give your face a mysterious and distinct look.

Blonde Curtain Bangs

Layered cuts and curtain chopped bangs are essential additions to shag haircuts that have been modernized using cutting and coloring techniques.



Chopped bangs, which you can use comfortably with curly hair, will bring your perfect curls to your face in the most elegant way.

Pixie Mullet

The Mullet, which is done in a pixie shape and complemented by chopped bangs, is excellent for free-spirited ladies.


Assertive Pixie

Complementing the assertive pixie cut, assertive chopped bangs.

Blonde Bob

You can use chopped hair to add a twist to your blunt bob hairstyle, and you’ll love it! A perfect and harmonious look is created by contrasting cuts.


Short Mullet

The mullet shaped with chopped bangs is the correct choice for you if you are used to the simplicity and comfort of the use of short hair, or if you have desired it for a long time.

Trendsetting Pixie

The top of the pixie is finished with long hair, which is shaped with an undercut. Hair with a long top and chopped bangs has a beautiful stance. It is Kris Jenner’s favorite haircut, which she hasn’t been able to abandon in years, and is especially suited to middle-aged ladies.


Shag Updo

Long chopped bangs, one of the shag cut’s trademarks, are a terrific solution, especially if your forehead is open; if it isn’t, it’ll be the perfect style item!

Undercut Pixie

With the long top and bangs, the deep undercut pixie makes a terrific transition. Chopped bangs left loose on your brows will give your face a young appearance while adding meaning to your gaze.


Sweet Pixie

You’ll look like cotton candy in lovely blonde tones with the pixie cut combed towards your face! The pixie, which is cut chopped, is formed to fit the form of your head and is unique to you.

Colorful Curls

Flawless colored curls, if there is anything more eye-catching and striking than perfect curls, they are!


Charismatic Bob

The layered bob gives it a vintage vibe, while the colorful chopped bangs give it a very assertive and charismatic look.

Thick Curtain Bangs

With the angle and movement, they add to the face, asymmetrical haircuts are one of the most essential hairstyles. When Chopped long curtain bangs are added to the hairstyle, it gets even more remarkable.


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