30 Bold Cherry Red Hair Colors You’ll Love

Cherry red hair is a bold and beautiful choice for those who want to make a statement with their hair color. This vibrant shade of red can be worn in various ways, from sleek and straight to curly and wild. And whether you have natural red hair or want to add a touch of color to your look, there’s a cherry red hair color for you.

We’ve gathered a collection of our favorite colors to help you find the perfect shade of cherry red hair. There’s something for everyone, from bright and bold shades to deep and dark hues. So if you’re ready to take the plunge, scroll on for the best cherry red hair colors to try now.

1. Extra Cherry


Different cherry tone consists of a palette in which red is used more intensely. This extra color brings you a different style.

2. Modern Cherry


You may match the noble cherry tone with a modern style using the balayage method of coloring.

3. Rich Cherry Style


Purple is the dominating hue in this hair color, which screams femininity! Stop thinking as “How much can a hairdo change my appearance?” Our suggestion is; to don’t hesitate to attempt this hairstyle!

4. Half Up With Scrunchie


If you prefer to use the cherry red hair color in a more sporty and casual chic mode, you should try the half up half down style with the scrunchie.

5. Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs are one of the most popular haircut styles in recent years, and by combining this popular style with a noble hue, you may create a look that will be impossible to overlook.

6. Cherry African Braids


While African braids are great on their own, this hairdo is beautiful because of the cherry red color’s aggressive attitude!

7. Curls On Ends


If you want to achieve an indispensable style on special occasions, this hairstyle with cherry red color will be a perfect combo.

8. Long And Straight


What is the best haircut to show off a hair color? Of course, straight and long hair! With the cherry red color, you don’t need anything else.

9. Silky Cherry


A silky texture with a vivid cherry tone will look great on any woman.

10. Dark To Cherry


Because no treatment is given to the hair roots, the naturalness of your dark hair is maintained. As a result, this hairstyle is ideal for ladies who wish to keep their natural beauty while still adding a noticeable difference to their hair.

11. Light Waves


The dazzling shade of Cherry red doesn’t need any further processing! You can get a simple but fantastic look with the light wave style.

12. Dimensional Cherry


By using several tones of cherry red together, you can create a dimensional hairstyle and show your hair is more intense than it is.

13. Soft Cherry


Visibly creamy structure and elegant appearance with a softer cherry tone, fascinating.

14. Magical Waves


The lustrous hair produces a wonderfully stunning look thanks to the brilliant cherry tone! This hair color, which is excellent for light-skinned ladies, will bring out the attractiveness of your face beautifully.

15. Dark Cherry Natural Waves


How about spicing up your natural waves a bit? We love the hairstyle harmony with this color tone!

16. Vibrant Bob


The bright bob creates a look far from ordinary with its cherry red color.

17. Cherry Red For Black Women


This hair color, which will carry black women’s attractive and brave stance, has become one of our favorite looks!

18. Vibrant Cherry Mid-Length


You can get a hairstyle that is both unique and appealing by using cherry red color as a balayage on your black hair rather than on the entire head.

19. Radiant Cherry


This gleaming cherry red will give you a youthful and healthy appearance. Plus, this color does not damage your hair much as a blonde.

20. Dark Cherry Balayage


Dark cherry red balayage on dark hair will take the hair game to a new level.

21. Cherry Bomb


By using cherry red to color a young, current, and dynamic style, you may make it more appealing! Draw attention to yourself with these out-of-the-ordinary options.

22. Cherry Hairstyle For Mid-Aged Women


The brilliant cherry red tone, which will add glitz and glam to the looks of middle-aged ladies, demonstrates how this wonderful hue is appropriate for all ages!

23. Smooth Long Cherry


This intense cherry red color with purple undertones gives it a more aggressive appearance. If you’re looking for a color that will bring out your best features, this smooth cherry red is the tone for you.

24. Powerful Soft Wave


Bright red shades, dark to vivid, this is the style of powerful women.

25. Vibrant Cherry


Women with colored eyes will particularly enjoy the vibrant and bright cherry color. This shade of cherry red will require far less make-up if you’re looking for bold tones to bring color to your light skin tone.

26. Straight And Simple Cherry


It’s the perfect hairstyle for women who don’t have hours for their hair and who like practicality. Thanks to this bold hair color, you will not need to do anything extra.

Moreover, thanks to straight and medium hair, you will not have any problems with styling.

27. Extra Long


Even though extra long hair makes you a little tired in care and styling, it is worth the effort for this magnificent look!

28. Black And Cherry


Black and cherry. With the combination of two assertive and bold colors, the eyes will be fixed on you.

29. Gorgeous Style With Baby Hair


Finger wave style with baby hair; This creates a beautiful look by supporting the perfect hair color.

30. Curly Pixie


Do you want to combine the boldness of a cherry red shade with a dash of wildness? With this bold hue, the natural curly haircut provides a distinctive look.

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