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28 Best Chelsea Haircut Ideas To Wear Right Now

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


This haircut might seem a bit bold to the naked eye, but if you are one of those women with a strong personality, or if you would like a haircut that will take eyes from the crowd, then this is perfect for you! The Chelsea haircut is a low-maintenance and easy-to-manage look but gives off a dramatic outcome that offers your appearance a little extra oomph.

The Chelsea haircut is a well-known and dramatic punk hairdo currently receiving attention. The standard haircut involves shaving off all the hair on the remainder of the head and leaving the hair on the front of the head still long.

There are numerous ways to customize this haircut. You can experiment with different lengths, add colors, and change the trim size. This hairstyle will enable you to express your personality.

Here we have the best Chelsea haircuts to wear right now, so do scroll away!

1. White and Red Hair Horns

This eccentric white and red-hued haircut might give a person (or two) a heart attack just by looking at it, but it cannot be denied that this is incredibly stupefying! The small cut on the fringes resembling horns is a gorgeous touch to the magnificent look! Pair this haircut with bold makeup and accessories for a complete package!

2. Red Chelsea Cut

Classic Chelsea maintains the integrity of the original 1960s Chelsea hairstyle. The stunning vibrant red, almost brown-like, hue is the cherry on top of the cupcake as it highlights the beauty of the haircut even more! This style you should have immediately if you want to revitalize your appearance and receive a classic haircut.

3. Rose Gold Chelsea

This Chelsea haircut seems to give off a fairy-like vibe. The rose gold hue contributes to it. You would be confused about your hair color, eyes, and haircut! Which, by the way, all contributes to making this look even more stunning!

4. Layered Chelsea

A take on the classic Chelsea haircut, the layering gives the look dimension and a new depth to it. Any color with this look will do, but it works best on your natural hair.

5. Classic Shaved-Side Chelsea

This Chelsea style blends features of the Chelsea with the Mo-Hawk, a more traditional punk ensemble. This look resembles a mini mohawk haircut. The Chelsea hawk has a side zone extended back along the top center area for a fair distance, narrowing to a point at the crown section, which is minimized in this special appearance.

6. Chelsea-Mullet Hybrid

The layers of this Chelsea-Mullet Hybrid look are relatively short throughout the crown and top of the head, blending into baby bangs and piece-y length. This would look great if you have naturally wavy or curly hair.

7. Silver Chelsea Cut

The ideal combination is fair skin and hair that is a pale silver tone. You can ultimately emit that punk and enigmatic mood with sideburns that frame the face and bangs that touch your eyebrows.

8. Red Punk Chelsea

Any hair color you choose will look great with this style, but if you prefer a soft red, it looks fantastic too. You can sport this haircut with a confident punk grin and short, well-groomed sideburns and bangs.

9. Chelsea Haircut with a Textured Modern Twist

This classic Chelsea haircut is on to a different level with this textured modern twist. İn this specific cut, instead of the usual straight-down fringes, the front part is side swept and has a textured amount along the ends.

10. Alien Chelsea

This is called an Alien Chelsea haircut because of its shape combined with the elements of a Chelsea look. The nape hairs are entirely shaved except for the crown and fringe. The fringe portion is also made shorter even to have a layered look.

11. Platinum Chelsea

This all-white Chelsea Haircut looks excellent for anyone of any age and those with a fairer complexion. You can perfectly pull off this look and appear unearthly by cutting your bangs short and keeping your sideburns slightly shorter than the hairs on your neck.

12. Classic Chelsea with Blonde Fringe

This is another take on the classic short Chelsea haircut. İn this look, the fringes and the sideburns are dyed a beautiful blonde, bringing attention to the face even more. You’d regret this look if ever you’d say no to!

13. Blonde Nape-Length Chelsea

This haircut is between the long Chelsea and short Chelsea dimensions, so it is safe to say it is in the medium area. The platinum blonde makes it appealing to the eye while emphasizing the drama of the haircut.

14. Pink and White Chelsea

This look is a split-color type on a platinum white blonde base. Half of the fringe portion of this look is colorized with vibrant pink, which makes it a split-color look. The combination emits a soft and relaxed vibe that we are all fans of!

15. Punk Devil Red Chelsea Hair

If you were considering skipping this haircut, reconsider! This devil red look is a conversation-starter, attention-getter, and stylish testament to your personality. Pop a bold and fiery makeup to complete this look! Chelsea looks may be the next carriage to ride the trend train because they are simple to obtain and don’t require additional effort to maintain.

16. Galaxy Classic Chelsea

İn this particular Chelsea look, only the fringe portion is colored. Not just with any other regular color, but with this beautiful array of galaxy colors- purple, green, and towards the end, a black hue- and it is what we’re here for!

17. White Long Chelsea Haircut

This haircut, along with the white hue of it, makes it seem like you are a free-flowing white bird! Your hair will appear untrimmed due to the visible portions of it, yet you’ll feel incredible on your head on a hot and humid summer day. For this haircut to work well, you must maintain long hair around your nape, temples, and bangs. 

18. Animal Print Long Chelsea

This animal print Chelsea haircut is so eye-catching and is ultimately going to break necks from the crowd. Kudos to the colorist for making such an intricate dye job on this animal print look! This style is for women who like it a little bit extra.

19. Brown and Blonde Short Chelsea

İn this short Chelsea look, the nape and fringe parts are just colored. This time, it is with this gorgeous hot blonde hue. Natural hair plus blonde is always equal to a beautiful result.

20. Skinhead Chelsea on Natural Hair

A good hairstylist is all you need for this look since this look is based on your natural hair. The skinhead and the lengthy parts seem to combine ultimately and contribute to such a gorgeous haircut!

21. Neon Green Short Chelsea

By giving your short Chelsea haircut a bright neon green color all over, you can give your appearance a little extra flair. This color will make your hair stand out in public by being vivid and eye-catching, no matter how you see it.

22. Skinhead Chelsea

Unlike a classic Chelsea look, this one had the nape hairs shaved for an authentic skinhead look. But still, in its soul, this is a Chelsea haircut that has its personality! Only the extended side part which connects to the fringe is what we have in this cut. But still, in its soul, this is a Chelsea haircut that has its personality!

23. Short Pink Chelsea

Do you want to give your Chelsea a pink touch? No issue at all because we have the perfect idea for you! You should certainly try this one out if you want a Chelsea and have curly or wavy hair. Low-maintenance hairstyles include soft, gorgeous hair with pink highlights on the fringes worn over a Chelsea! Stunning and eye-catching!

24. Rainbow Chelsea

With your bold and stunning appearance, stand out from the crowd! With your bold and gorgeous appearance, stand out from the crowd! With your bold and attractive appearance, stand out from the crowd! Fly ahead and color your fringes whether you support gender diversity or like colorful Chelsea hair. Go forth and dye your hair in every rainbow shade if you feel that just one or two colors over your Chelsea don’t adequately portray your inner vibrancy.

25. Blue Printed Chelsea

You’ll need to color all of your hair, skipping only the trimmed parts. You must color that cut portion with a printed pattern for a rocking appearance! A vividly blue Chelsea hair should make you stick out from the crowd, borrowing from the cyberpunk aesthetic.

26. Skinhead Chelsea with Blue Highlights

This look is subtle but stunning! Different from the previous blue Chelsea look, this look doesn’t require you to dye all your hair blue. You can rock it with any colored base or even your natural hair and dye the ends of your nape hair and the fringes a faint blue.

27. Short Purple Chelsea Haircut

This classic short Chelsea look won’t need you to dye all your hair except for the nape and fringe portion. Dye it with a soft and matte purple, mimicking an ombre style with your natural hair. After that, you are all set!

28. Seafoam Green Chelsea

This Chelsea haircut resembles a baby mullet, and we’re all here for it! The ever so gorgeous seafoam green brings the whole look to another level. Please don’t mention the scattered yellow highlights, which give it dimension and depth.

Now we arrive at the end of this page. Go ahead and try this hairdo if it piqued your interest!

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