30 Stunning Charcoal Hair Color Ideas for Your Next Big Change

Gloomy, foggy, and mysterious. These three words are the first ones that come to mind when asked to define the color charcoal. This gorgeous hair color will be a contemporary and in-demand option for your look.

Charcoal-colored hair that shines looks stunning in a variety of cuts and styles. You may style your hair with this color however you want—balayage, ombre, whatever—and it will quickly become one of the elements of your appearance that people love the most.

The color charcoal is ideal for women who want to create a unique look without taking unnecessary risks because it looks well on women of all types and ages. We now have a selection of stunning charcoal hairstyles that will motivate you to choose.

1. Ashy Charcoal Hair


The ashy charcoal color is one of the perfect options with the silver tone. The slightly wavy hairstyle will bring this color out even more.

2. Charcoal Wavy Bob


You should try both useful and versatile styles! The wavy bob’s charcoal tone takes on a magical and eye-catching flair. It provides a rock look when finished with dark makeup and creates a modern look when finished with light makeup.

3. Fascinating Charcoal Waves


Immerse yourself in the magic of wavy hair; a perfect style will be yours with its charcoal color!

4. Charcoal Ombre


We are sure that charcoal ombre coloring on your dark hair will significantly elevate your style!

5. Asian Style Charcoal


Asians always know how to style their hair. They spiced up this charcoal hair color perfectly. Look at that gorgeous look!

6. Big Waves


Big waves are such a significant style element. With charcoal hair color, this classic color will be something else.

7. Charcoal Make-Over


If you’re tired of blonde tones and want to give your hair a fresh start, a charcoal make-over is one of our top ideas.

8. Mid-LengthCharcoal Hair


Straight and medium hair will be perfect for women who don’t want to take risks. With this hairdo and charcoal color, it’s impossible to look awful!

9. Charcoal Pixie Hair


The pixie haircut with the long top will be easy to shape and dazzle those who see it with its modern charcoal color.

10. Smokey Silver With A Charcoal Root


Undoubtedly, one of the most striking complements of charcoal color is silver! Smokey silver is a perfect look for your long hair with its ashy tone.

11. Loose Charcoal Waves


Loose waves are one of the most fashionable hairstyles for revealing the charcoal color. This style will give you risk-free beauty and fit any face type.

12. Wavy Charcoal Ends


Large waves applied to the ends of the hair will give it a lot of movement. This stylish look elevates your energy!

13. Charcoal Roots With BlondeHair


If you want to add a different atmosphere to your blonde hair, and charcoal roots, It will make you look different and stylish than everyone else!

14. Charcoal Hair For Mid-Aged Women


Middle-aged women will adore their reflections in the mirror, thanks to a style that blends in with the charcoal hue rather than covering their natural silver hair!

15. Nostalgic Style


Your hair will reflect the superb style of the good old days! Combining a modern charcoal color with a nostalgic hairdo will make you stand out.

16. Charcoal Hair Color on Thin Hair


The excellence of charcoal hue will undoubtedly be among the ones to attempt for women with fine hair! This style is one of the best examples.

17. Smooth Charcoal


The smooth charcoal color combined with the soft style reveals an irresistible beauty!

18. Charcoal With Metallic Pastels


A glittering harmony is created when metallic colors are combined with the color charcoal. And this harmony will fix the eyes on you!

19. Silver Combination With Charcoal Color


Undoubtedly, it creates the perfect harmonies with charcoal and silver color. If you want to achieve a bolder look by contrasting your warm-toned skin, this hairstyle is definitely among the things you should try.

20. Half Up Half Down Charcoal Reflections


One of the most beautiful style revisions that can be performed without disrupting the nobility of dark hair is the addition of charcoal reflections to the sporty aspect of the half up, half down style.

21. Large Charcoal Waves


One of the hairstyles that complements this striking color very well is large hair waves, which will bring out the beauty of the charcoal color even more.

22. Steel Gray With Deep Charcoal Highlights


These two fabulous shades of gray will create a haircut you can’t get enough of with a perfect ombre technique.

23. Hollywood Waves With Charcoal Color


The components of a great style combine a classic and noble hairdo with contemporary and stylish hair color. Women of all ages adore the Hollywood waves that have been tinted charcoal.

24. Dynamic Style With Mid-Length Charcoal Hair


With its quick access to any form and ease of maintenance, a mid-length haircut will make a perfect choice if you have a dynamic and sharp style. On the other hand, the charcoal hue of this haircut will make it stand out from all different haircuts.

25. Long Charcoal Hair With Beautiful Ombre


You may revive you’re overly processed and damaged blonde hair by styling it with this charcoal ombre and hair curls.

26. Charcoal Color For Layered Thin Hair


Layered haircuts give fine hair a lot of movement. Your fine hair can also be given a youthful, vibrant look by using a charcoal color to dye it.

27. Charcoal Face Framing Hair


By experimenting with modern colors and styles, you can capture contemporary looks. Charcoal hair color for face-framing will make you look more youthful and fresh.

28. Charcoal Balayage With Light Brown Hair


With the charcoal color you will bring to your brown hair through the ombre process, your style will be a bombshell. If you want to be out of the ordinary but don’t want to take risks, you will love this hairstyle and will not have to give up on your dark hair.

29. Charcoal Bob With Stylish Bang


With this stylish bob, charcoal hair color becomes even more attractive. This style is stunning, especially with dark makeup and red lips!

30. Long And Romantic Charcoal Hair Color


Long charcoal hair looks delicious with match eyebrow color!

Yesim enjoys sharing new style trends with her friends and is excited to offer her knowledge to the readers of HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She currently lives in a peaceful touristic town in the USA with her husband and two children.