30 Butterfly Locs Styles That Will Up Your Instagram Game

Locs is one of the most fascinating hairstyles. There are many types of locs, today’s post is about butterfly locs! There is no need to talk about the popularity of butterfly locs on Instagram. So what are butterfly locs, exactly?

Butterfly locs is a style that is obtained with the crochet technique and shaped with the help of crochet needle with loose hair braids and wavy hair extensions. Since it is completely based on the crochet method, it does not hurt your scalp because of without any pulling. Moreover, this magnificent style is among the protective hairstyles! With the help of the hair extensions and the crochet needle, your hair will be protected by wrapping.

Butterfly locs last between 2 and 3 months, based on the care that you are giving for. Depending on the style and hair type you have, it can take between 3 and 6 hours to make. Don’t let these times scare you, the result will be worth it! While this amazing style can be tried at home, we recommend seeking the assistance of a hairstylist for more professional results.

Gorgeous Half Up Half Down

The butterfly loc style is adaptable to a variety of styles, not just one. The half-up, half-down style is probably one of the most stylish.


Lob Locs

The lob haircut is the perfect size for butterfly locs.


One Sided Long Locs

Although long and thick hair takes a little longer to make, this cool style is definitely worth a try.


Cherry Locs

The distinctive style of the locs enhances this cherry color with a strong feminine look.


Natural Tones

If you choose hair extensions in colors that are close to your own hair tone, you can create locs that are harmonious with the color of your skin and have a natural look.


Chic Half Up, Half Down

Stylish half-up, half-down shape that’s easy to wear with locs! Furthermore, the shiny hair extensions you select will help you win at the game of hairstyles.


Mid-Length And Mid Parted

Hair parted in the middle creates a slimming effect that makes your face appear longer. Butterfly locs of a medium size, on the other hand, appear to be quite current and fresh.


Extra Long Locs

The long loc’s comfort will surprise you. This amazing look is both very comfy and fascinating with its beauty because these locs wrap around your hair without pulling on your scalp.


Bronze Pops

Bronze glitters are possible by adding bronze hair extensions between your hair. We recommend you to try it for both sparkly and stylish look.


Snow Touches

With your hair shaped like a loc, you may add a romantic touch of snowflakes. With the great contrast they make when placed between your hair, these white hair extensions offer a fascinating aesthetic.


Thin Locs

Thinner locs will be the best method you can choose if your hair is fine and less.


Mid Parted Locs

Long and mid-parted locs will fascinate you with their fresh and dynamic appearance.


Blonde Lines

Because of the locs added in the style of blonde lines between them, the locs made with your dark natural tones look much more fascinating!


Copper Butterfly Locs

The copper sparkles added to your dark hair will amaze those who see it!


Ponytail Butterfly Locs

Butterfly locs will put your style ahead of you! Ponytails with locs are a terrific combination for young and sporty looks.


One Sided Bronze Locs

This look, which will be achieved thanks to bronze hair extensions, is especially well suited to skins with warm undertones.


Butterfly High Updo

This wonderful hairstyle, which will especially be used by young girls, creates a very cute look.


Chocolate To Bronze

Your hair will be more intriguing than ever before as the color changes with a beautiful transition from chocolate to bronze tones.


Daily Style With Locs

These amazing butterfly locs will take your daily style to the next level, providing you with a fast andspectacular look.


Color Combo

You may make your butterfly locs more fascinating than ever before by selecting gorgeous and complementary hues.


For Thick Hair

Butterfly locs are the right choice for you if you want to take control of your thick and tough hair in a beautiful way. Your job will be easier if your hair is braided more frequently and thinly.


Butterfly Locs With Natural Silver Hair

We can’t think of anything that suits a woman better than being natural and being yourself. These wonderful butterfly locs look gorgeous in all their naturalness.


Extra Blonde

It’s never a bad idea to go blonde! Blonde rocks with butterfly locs!


Mermaid Vibes

Fuchsia, turquoise, pink these colors are generally referred to as mermaid colors. Fuchsia, one of these famous mermaid colors, looks great with these gorgeous locs.


Butterfly Locs For Young Girls

How about making butterfly locs more interesting for young girls? We loved the hair adorned with metallic accessories!


Loc Bangs

What about bangs made of locs? Yes, we’re sure you’ve never seen this style before, this unique and intriguing hairstyle is among our favorites.


Half Space Bun With Butterfly Locs

Space buns are a part of a dynamic and inspiring look! This youthful hairdo will breathe new life into your look.


Fancy Butterfly Locs

You can have a sporty style like butterfly locs and be fancy at the same time!


Thin Locs

Although thinner locs require more effort and time, they are appreciated for their professional stance.


Redhead Locs

Red hair is one of the colors that turns heads with its attractiveness. Try this bright and eye-catching color with the magnificent stance of the butterfly locs; you will love it.


With such a wide variety of styles available, butterfly locs are an excellent option for women who may want to change up their look periodically. And with these breathtaking variations all over Instagram, there’s never been a better time to try out these locs.

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