30 Burnt Orange Hair Colors You Need to See Before Dyeing Your Hair

burnt orange hair color

Burnt orange hair is a daring and unique hair color that is perfect for those who want to make a statement. Burnt orange color is achieved by combining red and orange tones, which results in a gorgeous, deep hue. While it may seem like a difficult color to pull off, burnt orange hair is surprisingly versatile and can be worn by anyone.

Whether you’re looking to add some dimension to your current hair color or starting from scratch, we’ve rounded up the best burnt orange hair colors to inspire your next dye job.

From subtle ombré to all-over color, there’s something for everyone. So if you’re ready to take the plunge, scroll down and check out these fantastic burnt orange hair colors!

1. Mid-Length Voluminous Waves


The hair is fixed with foam to give it volume and create a great look. The right hue to accompany this perfect style is undoubtedly burnt orange!

2. Dreamy Orange


The dark burnt orange color creates a dreamy look when light waves are added to the ends of the hair! It is impossible not to like this color, which makes a perfect and healthy look, especially for women with thick hair.

3. Jessica Rabbit Vibes With Burnt Orange


These waves and burnt orange tint are reminiscent of Old Hollywood flair and give a magnificent Jessica Rabbit vibe!

4. Burnt Orange Bohemian Locs


Combining a striking color such as burnt orange with an even more striking style, Bohemian locs; eyes will be fixed on you!

5. Burnt Orange Ends


Hair ends colored with a fire red, and burnt orange color will make your whole style look brand new and fabulous!

6. Bronze & Burnt Orange Blend Curls


This color, a wonderful blend of burnt orange color and bronze tones that perfectly reveal rich hair curls, will make you addicted!

7. Long And Fabulous Orange


If you’re seeking a bold and intriguing color for your long hair, the burnt orange shade will provide you with more than you expected.

8. Half And Half Coloring Burnt Orange


Half and half coloring are one of the popular coloring processes of recent times. This popular look; creates a unique style with blonde and burnt orange.

9. Burnt Orange For Black Woman


The warm-toned burnt orange color is ideal for black women with warm undertone skin. Close warm tones blend to create a gorgeous look.

10. Layered And Dark Burnt Orange


Dark tones of burnt orange will create a great-looking option, especially for women with fair skin. Thanks to the layered cut, the hair gains movement and looks more attractive than ever.

11. Burnt Orange Chopped Pixie Bob


The chopped pixie bob hairstyle is a highly modern alternative for women who prefer short hair because it is easy to maintain. You will have a stylish and attractive hairdo with a burnt orange color.

12. Dark Roots


You can dye the rest of your hair a perfect burnt orange color while leaving your hair roots natural by protecting your dark hair from chemical processes. Likewise, you may have both healthy and gorgeous hair with this style!

13. Mid-Parted Bob


The burnt orange color of the style is made more flashy by adding volume to the ends of the hair by adding waves and dazzles.

14. Red Dominated Burnt Orange


This burnt-orange mix, where the red tone is more dominant, creates a youthful and dynamic look combined with a modern haircut like curtain bangs!

15. Gorgeous Burnt Orange


One of the most remarkable examples of burnt orange hairstyles is this one, which is given a perfect look with dark bottoms and a layered cut.

16. One Sided Curly Dark Burnt Orange


Wonderful burnt orange color combinations are available for women who prefer darker tones! This combo of darker brown and red tones of burnt orange is worth checking out.

17. Dimensional Burnt Orange Bob


Added depth with dark tones, the burnt orange bob will be an excellent choice for women of all ages, with its voluminous stance and modernity.

18. Burnt Orange Pixie


If you are looking for a sporty, practical, attractive, stylish hairstyle, the burnt orange pixie should be on your must-try list.

19. Asymmetric Cut


It will generate custom styles for you, making a great hue even more eye-catching. Medium-length burnt orange hair cut asymmetrically is one of these distinctive trends.

20. Peek-a-boo Half Blonde


For a surprising peek-a-boo moment, this style has become our favorite!

21. Free Curls


The excellent burnt orange color for your natural curls; is the ideal match for a bold and eye-catching first impression!

22. Burnt Orange Highlights On Brunette Hair


Burnt orange balayage will be one of the most distinctive alternatives if you want to spice up your dark natural hair.

23. Sporty Half Up Half Down With Side Bangs


You’ll show everyone what effortless elegance is with this beautiful color that will match your sporty style! Your style will be highlighted with side bangs that drape over your face.

24. Blunt Cut Burnt Orange


The warmth of burnt orange and the ease of care of blunt-cut hair will provide a breath of fresh air to your face.

25. Burnt Orange Balayage On Long Wavy Hair


By adding a warm glow to your long hair with burnt orange balayage, you can attract attention with your style without needing anything extra!

26. Mid Length Glow


The only burnt orange color perfects the risk-free stance of medium-length hair.

27. Burnt Orange Hair Color For Colored Eyes


Burnt orange will be an excellent alternative for women with colored eyes who want to bring their gaze to the forefront and reveal their eye colors elegantly.

28. Burnt Orange Shag


Combine this nostalgic and wild style with a modern and warm color to create a flaming style!

29. Flame Look


Carry the flame color to your hair with minor color games for a dynamic hairstyle. This look, which features burnt orange and warm blonde tones, is tough to overlook.

30. Burnt Orange End To Dark Hair


This style is something to consider for women who are tired of the same old looks and want to show their unique spirit on the inside to their style.

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