Can Blue Hair Dye Cover Pink Hair?

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Short Answer: If you want to cover up pink hair with blue dye, you may be out of luck. Blue hair dye can only really be applied to hair that is already a level 9-10 on the color wheel – and if your pink hair dye has any warm tones in it, those will just end up turning purple or other strange colors when you try to put blue over the top. The best way to get rid of pink hair dye is using a color remover and then dying it to blue.

Whether you’re trying to cover up a mistake or simply ready for a change, you might wonder if blue hair dye can cover pink hair dye. The quick answer is yes, blue hair dye can cover pink hair dye.

However, the process may not be as simple as you think. Depending on the pink hair dye, the pink tone you have, and the desired blue hue, you may need to bleach your hair or use a color remover before applying the blue dye. We’ve got all the information you need if you’re unsure how to cover up your pink hair.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about using blue hair dye to cover pink hair dye.

First, Do a Strand Test

If you want to dye your hair blue, it’s important that you do a strand test first. A strand test will tell you what color your hair turns and if that color can hold the blue dye without fading or losing its vibrancy. It will also show how much damage the process does to your hair if you need to bleach it beforehand.

A good strand test takes about twenty minutes of your time and will save you from having to spend hours trying on styles before finding one that works for both of you as well as many more hours while waiting in line at stores that only carry black or brown dyes (if they even have any).

Light Pink vs. Faded Pink vs. Deep Pink

If you have light pink hues or medium pink, and if you desire dark or medium blue tones, you can directly apply the blue dye over your pink hair.

If your hair is faded pink, you can try using a 20-volume developer to bleach it slightly. This light bleach should be enough to remove all the pink dye pigments.

After bleaching, you can apply the blue dye and let it sit for about an hour. Then rinse out the excess dye and condition your hair as usual.

If your hair is deep pink or fuchsia, you’ll need to use 30-volume bleach.

30-volume bleach is a stronger type of bleach that will lift the pigment in your hair more effectively than 20-volume bleach.

You’ll need to remove all traces of the pink base from your strands before applying the blue dye.

Also, this can be done with a shampoo containing bleach or bleaching cream. They both work similarly: they break down the bonds between the dye molecules and your hair strands, allowing them to slide away.

However, the shampoo method takes longer than a bleaching cream. It also doesn’t cover your hair quite as well since you can only apply it directly to your scalp.

Choosing The Right Blue Hair Color

Choosing the right blue hair color can be a bit tricky. Blue is a solid color; if you choose a shade that’s too bright or too dark, it can look garish and unnatural. But with the right shade of blue, you can get an amazing look that will turn heads wherever you go.

When choosing your new hair color, many shades of blue are available. The first thing to consider is whether you want a light or dark blue. Light blues like sky blue, turquoise, and aqua are great for summer and spring, while dark blues like royal blue and navy are better for fall and winter. If you want something more subtle, try mixing two shades of turquoise with royal blue or aqua with navy.

Another thing to consider is the current pink tone you have. Light blue, like sky blue, maybe the best option if you have light pink hair. If you have dark pink hair, you may want to try a darker blue, like navy. If your pink hair is in the middle, you can mix two shades of blue to create a custom color.

How Long Does It Take For Pink Hair Dye To Fade

The time it takes for pink hair dye to fade depends on the dye you use and how well your hair responds to the color.

However, if you plan on waiting until your hair has faded before applying the blue dye, remember that some people’s hair will take longer than others to fade.

It’s Better To Go To A Salon Than Try This At Home

If you want to cover your pink hair, it’s important that the stylist knows what they’re doing. They should be able to use a blue dye that will cover the pink and not damage your hair in the process.

If you go to a salon, they can take their time and ensure everything is done correctly without rushing through it. The results will be smoother, more even color than if you tried doing this at home with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing (and might accidentally burn off some of your hair).


If you want to blue dye over pink hair, there are a few things you need to consider. The shade of pink makes a big difference in what you’ll need to achieve your desired shade of blue.

You can apply blue hair dye immediately if your hair is light or medium pink. If your hair is faded dark pink, you’ll need to bleach it with a 20-volume developer first. And if your hair is deep pink, you’ll have to bleach it before you can dye it any shade of blue.

Remember that bleaching your hair can be damaging, so be sure to use a good conditioner afterward. And if you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s always best to seek out the help of a professional.

FAQ About Dyeing Blue Over Pink

What color cancels out pink hair?

Green is the way to go if you want to cancel out your pink hair. Green neutralizes pink, so using green shampoo can help to tone down the color.

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