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20 Blue Curly Hairstyles to Up Your Style Game

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Blue is the new black, and blue curly hairstyles are the latest must-have look. From electric blue to powder blue, there are so many shades to choose from. And with so many ways to style your curls, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to wear your natural curls or considering adding some color to your hair, these blue curly hairstyles will help you make a statement.

So if you’re ready to take your style game to the next level, scroll through this gallery of blue curly hairstyles and find your new favorite look.

1. Pastel Blue Curly Hair

One stunning shade of blue is this subtle and muted pastel blue. It is mellow, so if you want a blue hue for your curls but don’t want to go for a full-on vibrant blue, this is perfect! If you are going to rock this look, be prepared for all the compliments, that’s for sure!

2. Curly Metallic Blue Hair

This hairstyle is stunning, long, and curly. Although it appears simple, this hairstyle is nonetheless a real treat. This metallic blue is much more subdued and muted. The variety of colors that blue comes in is its best feature. The most incredible thing is that they are all ultimately attractive.

3. Vibrant Blue on Short Curly Hair

Extremely vivid and curly, this blue hair has curled bangs and resembles an Afro. The vibrant blue shade is appealing, dazzling, and energetic. It is a guarantee that it would pique the interests of people with just one glance at this stunning look!

4. Blue Highlights on Short Curly Hair

A beautiful, lovely, and eye-catching hairdo is what this curly bob is. Instead of an all-over hair dye, the blue hair color is more like a blue highlight, appearing as lovely streaks. On dark and curly hair, the faint highlights look fantastic.

5. Purple and Blue Curly Shaggy Hair

Now we have here a cotton candy wonderland reference! This look is styled with a shaggy, messy cut that helps bring out the blue and purple shades together, creating depth and dimension along the way!

6. Curly Bright Blue Hair

The adage “blue is always in trend” holds for your favorite hairstyle and the world of fashion. The hue is universally attractive, so it will look just as lovely on your favorite outfits as it will around your scrumptious curls!

7. Curly Black to Blue Ombre

This curly blue ombre hair isn’t entirely blue. It starts with dark hair that fades elegantly into a stunning bluish tinge. Another ombre pattern is trendy, particularly when utilizing vibrant and unusual hues like blue. The near ice blue color of the hair at the ends contrasts beautifully with the top’s darker color.

8. Blue Highlights on Curly Brown Hair

The typical shades don’t have to be used for hair highlights. Those who enjoy bright looks may choose to consider blue-hued highlights. If you want to experiment with this blue hue initially, the streak method on your natural brown hair, as demonstrated here, is an attractive option. 

9. Curly Sky Blue Long Hair

Before investing, you must have a comprehensive conversation with your stylist if you consider this shade. For your curls, a color with this much pigment needs routine upkeep and a specialist care method. So, before settling into that hairdresser seat, you should know the necessary time and money. But don’t worry, once you see this gorgeous sky blue on your curls, it will all have been worth it!

10. Navy Blue Highlights on Black Hair

Another extremely understated appearance is dark but identifiable as blue. It still has a lot of vibrancy and will probably look stunning in the daylight because you can see the blue in it. For this look, you will need some navy-blue hair color. The different shades of blue in those streaks are also worth the mention!

11. Dark Matte Blue on Tight Curls

Consider matte blue if metallic colors aren’t your thing. This stunning dark color with blue undertones is perfect for women of all complexion types. Matte blue can be the right choice if you want all the benefits of going blue without sacrificing your magnificent curls.

12. Dark to Light Blue Curly Hair

The roots of this stunning blue color combination are dark blue, which smoothly flows into a brighter blue. This is a highly fascinating and lively blues combination that is going to draw a fair amount of attention. Just look at how stunning it is on this lovely curly hair! A thorough dye job would be necessary, but it would all be worthwhile.

13. Curly Blue with Pops of Color

We wholeheartedly endorse that choice, especially in light of the dearth of neon hair in the world. Ask your colorist to apply this shade of blue all over your hair and leave some streaks for the pop of color if you feel the need for pure blue locks. The vivid streaks of green and purple will give your appearance a significant depth.

14. Curly Blue Hair on a Low Ponytail

Right now, we have here a sophisticated hairstyle for your blue curls! The elegance the low ponytail gives off is such an undeniable thing. More so if you are sporting long, bouncy, curly blue hair! Talk about class and finesse!

15. Blue Fade Cut on Curly Hair

Short blue hair is quite entertaining. Even though it is a simple hairstyle, you can still do a great deal with it. Given that it is such a deep blue, this would require blue hair dye for dark hair. It is a tremendously fascinating cut that is also currently in style. 

16. Dark Purple to Light Blue Side-parted Curly Hair

The blue curly hair has a side part, and the loose curls fall to the sides. The hue shifts from dark blue in the roots to brilliant azure blue at the tip. This is a stunning blue curly hairstyle to rock this year and is also a perfect look for your luscious curls!

17. Blonde to Light Blue Curly Hair

This blonde and blue hairstyle is incredibly cool, so to say. The hair appears honey blonde with blue added in this fade-out color job. The hair is not entirely blue, but it still has the lovely effect of seeming vibrant and appealing! Perfect style for your long, curly locks!

18. Vivid Blue with Natural Roots and Locks

Here’s a shade that starts with your natural hair color at the roots and gradually transitions into dark blue hair. Even while they are still quite attractive and have distinctive hair colors, the darker blues are usually more understated. Peek at the subtle natural locks and be amazed throughout!

19. Black and Blue Long Curly Hair with Space Buns

Before you, we have a fun, quirky hairstyle for your blue ombre hair with this space buns look! With hair starting on the natural dark roots while seamlessly fading into this stunning blue, you’ll have the hair perfect for a belle!

20. Curly Blue and Red Mullet

Now we have a half-and-half blue and red hairstyle styled with boldness and fierceness! Well, we can say that that is the vibe the mullet gives off. Styled to perfection, you won’t have to choose between two colors now because we’ve covered you!

Now, we have arrived at the end of our article. We hope we have you enough inspiration for your next trip to the salon. Let us know which one of these styles would you wear on your luscious and majestic curls!

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