25 Blue and Purple Hair Color Ideas for Your Next Big Change

Blue-purple hair is the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy and personality to your look. This unique hair color is achieved by combining blue and purple hair dyes and can be customized to suit any style.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle pastel shade or a bold and vibrant hue, you have blue-purple hair color. If you’re considering switching to blue-purple hair, scroll through this gallery for some inspiration.

From soft lavender hues to electric blue shades, these 25 hair color ideas are sure to stand out from the crowd.

1. Pastel Purple and Blue Textured Hair


One look at this magnificent hairstyle and your eyes would swirl as if you would not know which color to focus on this stunning hairstyle! The purples and blues seem to complement each other perfectly! The dye placement of this look is exciting and eye-catching, and that’s why we can’t get enough of this look.

2. Pastel Blue and Purple Highlights


This marvelous hairstyle is achieved with a thorough and rigorous dye job that requires pastel and cool tones of blue and purple. The two colors are placed in a vertical pattern very carefully to complement the hair more. A cute little sideway bang is also added to help lift the whole look. The length also serves as an excellent base for this fantastic look!

3. Cool Blue and Purple Highlights


Such a fun take on this fabulous trend! This hairstyle differs from what we usually see when we think of blue and pink color combinations. It is because in this look, as opposed to the striking blue and purple, cool and metal shades of these two gorgeous colors are used.

4. Purple to Blue Ombre Hair


Here we have the ever-so classic ombre paired with the gorgeous combination of purple and blue shades. It starts with pinkish purple at the base of the hair and flows gorgeously into a bed of stunning sea blue. Aren’t we all obsessed?

5. Purple and Blue Split Color


Before you, we have a very e-girl vibe with this blue and purple hairstyle. It all starts with the pastel blue all over the crown of the hair. Meanwhile, as it flows down, one half of the hair is dyed with this fantastic purple shade while the other side is still blue but with a slight green streak as a pop of color. So amazing!

6. Pastel Purple and Blue Highlights on Straight Hair


This look is out of the Barbie lookbooks, and we are proud to take them out for you to see! Need we explain why this look is a much-needed look to try? Look at the intelligent dye placement of the equally stunning pastel blue and purple color combination! Dark to light is undoubtedly the way!

7. Pastel Blue and Purple Half-and-Half


Half-and-half hairstyles are more than trending right now but with this pastel blue and purple look, be prepared to run number 1 on the trending list! As if the stunning juxtaposition of colors is not enough, the messy waves contribute to a whole look of beauty!

8. Purple and Blue Short Hair with Bangs


This specific look is one classic vivid hairstyle out of the books. The mini ombre we see is achieved by lightening the hair to make this perfect color combination appear vivid and striking. A look we like to see in our short hair, that’s for sure!

9. Blue and Lilac Hair


In this specific look, you have powder blue dye in the roots of lush lilac hair. The silver blue in transition also brings up the whole look together. The styling and length of this look make up for an ensemble you would not want to skip!

10. Blue and Purple Highlights On Black Hair


This look is perfect if you want to have the beauty of blue and purple but do not want the look to be too eccentric. While you need to dye your hair to a platinum blonde to make both of these colors show, in this look, you bleach the parts where you’d need to place the dye. The blue and purple highlights look great on black hair, which works well as a stunning base!

11. Blue with Purple Money Pieces


As you all know, money pieces are all in the hairstyle trend. So why not jump on it with the stunning combo of blue and purple? This look emits such a mermaid, deep ocean vibe. The soft waves certainly help in accentuating this magnificent color combination!

12. Short Purple Hair with Blue Roots


This look is straight out of a vintage lover’s dream! The dark-hued blue and purple ombre is already stunningly pretty by itself. But style it with this short vintage curl style, and be prepared to be the belle of the party!

13. Bright Blue Hair with Subtle Purple Highlights


Although this hairstyle might seem just pure bright blue hair at first, you can’t help but notice the subtle, gorgeous purple highlights in the back portion of the hair. It’s just a streak of purple like how a comet lights up the night sky. That’s how it shines so good against the vivid blue!

14. Pastel Blue and Purple Pixie


Looking for a hairstyle to adorn your pretty pixie? Then look no further as we’ve got the perfect look just for you! Here we have a blue and purple color block hair that seems like it just got straight out of unicorn mountain. What a face, indeed!

15. Vibrant Blue and purple Half-and-Half


Don’t have a torch in the middle of a blackout? Or want to stand out in the crowd in a nightclub? We’ve got the look just right for you! This vibrant blue and purple split color hair are all you will need if you want to turn heads and make jaws drop!

16. Subtle Blue and Purple Highlights on Brown Hair


When you hear blue and purple hair color combinations, you might think you need to lighten your hair for the dyes to work. Fret not because we have this look that helps you achieve this stunning blue and purple combo while still rocking your natural hair. In this look, only the lower front part of the hair is dyed with a blue to purple ombre, just enough to tease and please!

17. Electric Purple and Blue Highlights


Here we have another rendition of the ever-so-electric blue and purple we are eager to always look at! With the pattern using chunky stripes and the chunky knot in the middle, this look will ultimately turn heads in a crowd wherever you go! 

18. Purple and Blue Hair with Blonde Roots


Do you want a little something on your blonde hair? We have the perfect pop of color prepared just for you! Reminiscent of a peekaboo hairstyle, this look consists of a stunning array of colors, using blue and purple. A refreshing and fun way to spruce up your blonde locks, indeed!

19. Purple Hair with Blue Stripes


You can achieve this hair color by parting your hair in a zigzag pattern before coloring. Then apply the dye as you would in a half-and-half dye job. What you would get is a stunning genius hairstyle that for sure would turn heads wherever!

20. Blue and Purple Highlights on Curly Hair


Achieving this hairstyle on tight, curly hair might seem challenging, but we assure you it is very much worth the work! In this look, only half of this short hair is dyed blue and purple while the rest remains natural. This blue and purple look is adorable, especially with the little space buns on top! 

21. Dark Purple and Blue Hair


Another look that’s tilted more on the darker side of the spectrum; this look is pretty much what it means to be the center of attention! This subtle yet stunning hairstyle is perfect for gals who want discretion but at the same time want to have the glamour of these two shades- blue and purple! 

22. Blue Curly Bob with Purple Tips


This hairstyle here looks like it came straight out of an animated motion film, and we are all here for it. The hairstyle we have right here is one way to adorn your luscious curly short bob! The blue and purple hues on this look might want to make you take not one but a thousand photos!

23. Blue to Purple Ombre


Here we have another ombre look but fear not because it is one look that’s different from the many others. This eye-catching look is made possible by dyeing your hair with this vivid purple at the top until the middle and with an even brighter purple from the middle to the ends. 

24. Vivid Blue and Purple on Straight Hair


The hairstyle we have right before you is such a glossy, straight, blue, and purple goodie that’s perfect for quirky, bold, and fun ladies who are willing to take the challenge! This look is so sensational, so you may need to be prepared to get bombarded with compliments about it!

25. Pastel Galaxy 


This pastel galaxy-inspired hairstyle is made with such an intricate and detailed dye job that maybe DIY hair colorists at home might have a hard time doing. This look starts with a dark purple at the roots, fades into a gorgeous deep blue in the middle, and continues to flow to a light purple as it reaches the ends of the hair. Such a stunning and unique look!

And there you have it, lovely folks! We hope we gave you enough inspiration to try for your next blue and purple hairstyle endeavor. Don’t forget to tell us which of these equally gorgeous hairstyles you are going to rock!

Sitti is a beauty journalist on HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She is passionate about all things beauty and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She loves trying new products and trends and is always on the lookout for the next big thing in the world of beauty.