30 Blue and Pink Hair Ideas to Try in 2022

blue and pink colored hair

It is already the year 2022. It’s a new year, and what better opportunity to experiment with bold hair colors than now? Blue and pink colors come in a wide range of styles, from bold, energetic, and dark to delicate, pastel, and muted. What could be more daring than a blue-pink combination?

Blue and pink are excellent choices for accent colors. To make a distinct statement, go fierce, bright, or subtle, depending on your preference and mood. It’s as simple as matching the blue and pink colors to your skin color and undertones.

Here we have blue and pink hair ideas to try in 2022 that we’re sure you would love! Check these out now!

1. Blue to Pink Straight Ombre Hair


We have an idea for you if you enjoy intense colors, especially when playing with your hair. Your hair will look amazing in deep blues that fade into deep fuchsia and purple. You’ll enjoy the outcome with the suitable approaches for applying the color, and we guarantee it!

2. Blue Hair with Pink Front Pieces


On fair complexion, bright hair looks fantastic. To add dimension to this appearance, the light blue hair has been gently accentuated with hints of pink in the front, making it all the more gorgeous! If you pass by someone with light blue hair, you can’t stop to pause to notice it!

3. Short Dark Blue and Pink Hair


Well, who are we kidding? This hairdo is playful and feminine. Blue and pink are always a good combination, and you can never go wrong with them. You can even get this look at home if you want to.

4. Midnight Blue with Pink Half Updo


The flow and structure of long hair with few layers are often lacking. This can be solved by combining different colors, such as these dark blue and pink highlights on a half updo, while allowing a piece or two frontal parts to flow. It’s a convenient way to transform your look in no time. Easiness and looking good are a huge bonus!

5. Pink and Blue Gradient Braids 


Braids are one of those hairstyles that anyone of any age can wear. Just look at the colors that stand out! In this particular look, we level up the ordinary braid to be transformed into a pink, blue ombre!

6. Long Pink and Blue Ombre Hair


What screams bold and fierce, if not this stunning look? This photo demonstrates that combining blue and pink colors is a terrific look for a daring woman! Be prepared for some transition colors whenever you’re going for an ombre look, in this case, a barely visible purple.

7. Medium Length Half-and-Half Bright Blue and Pink


Can’t decide between these two beautiful colors? Fret not because we have a perfect look for you. We all know that having single-tone dull hair isn’t worth living for. So select two colors and uniquely combine them. 

8. Pink and Blue Lob Cut


This layered lob cut would appear antiquated in itself. It becomes fascinating and new when modern blue and pink tones are added. To make your haircut stand out, wear it with soft-colored clothes and makeup. 

9. Long Ombre Blue Hair with Bright Pink Front Pieces


This ombre of blue and pink is just on another dimension! Despite the intensity of the colors, there’s something exquisite about how the dark blue fades into a lighter blue, with gorgeous pink on the front. It’s ideal for a woman who enjoys being the center of attention while being gentle.

10. Wavy Blue and Pink Hair


This season, be a mermaid! Choose a combination of brilliant blue and hot pink. It has a bright and magical appearance. The look has a warmer pinkish tint, with undertones of purple that are minor yet noticeable.

11. Dark Blue and Pink Pixie Hair


Blue and pink also look lovely on short hair! The combination of dark blue and purple in this pixie cut almost precisely matches a galaxy, proving that a bit of creativity can go ways away. It’s lovely and fascinating, which we all live and die for!

12. Subtle Blue and Pink Dip Dye on Blonde Hair


You don’t have to color your entire head of hair to achieve a gentle yet attractive style. Dip dyeing blue and pink can make a statement. Just color the end parts of your hair the combination of these colors, and you’re all set!

13. Dark Berry Pink Hair with Blue frontal pieces


This look is more on the dark side of the spectrum. Ut it doesn’t mean that it is no less of an attractive one! This berry pink-colored look is already stunning on its own, but with the addition of pink frontal pieces, it became even more stunning, if that’s possible!

14. Long Blue Ponytail Braids with Pink 


This is an extravagant hairstyle that is not for the faint of heart. The electric blue at the top of the ponytail braid transforms into a stunning bright hot pink. We are here for it!

15. Pastel Blue and Pink Half-and-half


Pastels bring hair colors to life in a whole new way. They make the colors softer and less intense and help establish balance even when the shades are diverse. If you think blue and pink might be too vibrant colors for you, look at this pastel version. While you may be put off by the concept of merging blue and pink as it can be too bright, you will fall in love with it once you see it in pastel form.

16. Blue, Pink, and Purple Long Dutch Braids


Color has the incredible ability to change the whole feel of a hairdo in an instant. This long braid would appear modest or youthfully carefree on its own, but now with the inclusion of vivid blue, purple, and pink, it becomes vibrant and daring.

17. Half-and-half Blue and Pink Space Buns


While talking about galaxy colors, why not bring it to the hairdo. The adorable space buns make this stunning half-and-half hair more attractive and cute!

18. Bubblegum Hair


Blue and pink hair doesn’t always have to be plain. This lovely combination of bubblegum tones is attractive and pleasant, especially when styled straight to highlight the beautiful assortment of colors.

19. Blue and Pink Mullet


This look gives our eyes a tremendous treat! At first glance, it might seem intimidating to pull off, but all you need is a good colorist and a bag of confidence! Mullets on modern ladies don’t appear as extreme as they once did. Especially when combined with hues like blue and pink. 

20. Four Sections Blue and Pink


Nothing could go amiss with this cheerful color combination. The dark pink and blue waves in her hair are stunning. This color combination is flattering on all skin colors.

21. Horizontal Blue and Pink Split Color with Claw Clip


A two-tone style is a realistic option if you don’t trust yourself when trying to dye highlights in your blue and pink hair. For a playful integrated look, dye the top half of your hair one color and the bottom section another. In this case, the top part is pink and the other blue.

22. Blue to Magenta Pink Ombre Hair


Are you looking for a hairdo that is both captivating and dramatic? If that’s the case, pink and blue are the colors to use. Apply blue to the roots to draw attention, then transition to light purple to capture the eye and finish with some flawlessly integrated vibrant magenta to make heads turn around to try and gape at your stunning do!

23. Long Midnight Blue Hair with Thick Galaxy Highlights


Instead of ombre or bright highlights and lowlights, thick highlights can be used to create galaxy hair. If you’re trying a different color at home, using a brush and foil is more straightforward than using a more complex method. It’s because you have more control over the area to be colored.

24. Straight Bright Blue Hair with Pink Highlights


Who said balayage had to be boring? Take a peek at this bright look. It appears to be both unique and adventurous. The combination of pinks and blues is just gorgeous. It will be a cakewalk if you believe yourself attractive and daring.

25. Blue and Pink Fadeout on Silver Hair


This hairstyle gives an iridescent effect designed to resemble the hues seen when light strikes a pearl. It is everything but boring and appears distinct from every perspective. 

26. Layered Blue and Pink Hair


Although saving money by doing your hair color has its advantages, it is best to leave it to the experts when it comes to multiple colors that add depth. The layers make the whole look more magical. And in every layer you look at, you get a different vibe! 

27. Blue and Pink Highlights on Black Hair


Think again if you believe blue and pink highlights won’t work on black hair. They will, and they will look fantastic. The curls in the pigtails-styled hair genuinely bring the whole look together! Using these hues in black hair results in a gorgeous effect that you won’t be able to ignore.

28. Blonde, Blue to Pink Ombre Hair


We all have a soft corner for short curly hair. The blonde base makes the colors stand out very well. As you can see, there’s a hint of purple where the blue joins the pink in the middle.

29. Short Dark Blue and Pink Hair


This look is perfect for you if you like bold colors and have a light skin complexion. The colors are striking and stand out. They also complement each other well. The short hair makes way to accommodate the look beautiful too! It’s a fantastic color combination that won’t let you down.

30. Hot Pink and Blue Updo Braids


What about these stunning updo braids in dark blue and hot pink? There’s no need to dye your hair; get extensions and find a decent hair braider in your area. Alternatively, if you have the necessary expertise, you can install it yourself and call it a day!

We hope this has given you some blue and pink hair inspiration. It’s your turn to try them, and don’t forget to let us know!

Sitti is a beauty journalist on HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She is passionate about all things beauty and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She loves trying new products and trends and is always on the lookout for the next big thing in the world of beauty.