25 Best Blue and Green Hair Colors to Pull Off in 2022

While blue and green are colors that are often associated with nature, they can also be quite striking when used in hair color.

From bright aqua to deep teal, there are a variety of shades to choose from if you’re looking to add a little something extra to your look.

And whether you want to go for a bold statement or a more subdued hue, we’ve gathered the best blue and green hair colors to try in 2022.

1. Blue to Green Ombre


Remember that if you want to achieve vibrant green and blue hues like this one, you should start with light blonde or bleached hair. Pristine beauty is an understatement for this vivid royal blue tint that flows into a softer green look. This hairstyle is both daring and with bouncy waves to complete it.

2. Blue, Green, and Purple Highlights


The Blue and Green hair color combination is already stunningly great by itself, but add purple to it? This cotton candy look is achieved by using pastel blue, green, and purple highlights, and we can’t think of a word to describe it more! Pure majestic pastel goodness!

3. Blue Hair with Green Roots


Try putting a creative twist on the trendy balayage movement to embrace your inner ocean creature. Consider having hair that is emerald dark green and fading out to a gentle deep blue to see if it will help you get ready for a life under the sea.

4. Blue and Green Half-and Half Hair


This blue and green dye job will always be one for the books because look at this half-and-half hairstyle! The bright blues, the eccentric greens, the length, and the styling all contribute to a look we will never forget!

5. Long Blue Hair with Green Front Parts


This specific look is achieved by using a very dark shade of blue and, in contrast, a bright shade of green. The length of this look serves as a perfect canvas for these two colors to stand out. The length, the bangs, everything is hair color poetry in motion!

6. Blue Hair with Green Highlight


Add a lone green streak highlight on a dark, pristine blue bed for a bold, edgy look! We are all a fan of this look! This look helps express your fun and daring personality while looking as stunning as ever.

7. Blue to Green Ombre Hair with Bangs 


Add some bright green color to the ends of your hair to take your ombre to another dimension. This enhances any style and looks fantastic on a royal blue base. But take a gander at those gorgeous bangs! You also get a lovely hairdo for the summer if you choose this color combination. 

8. Blue and Green Pixie


Suit up your sassy pixie hair with blue and green colors because why not? As one would say, why blend in when you can stand out? This look is achieved by combining blue, green, and blue stripes. A great look for your pixie!

9. Neon Green Hair with Blue Highlights


When combined with bright blue hair highlights, vibrant green hair looks fantastic. İn this case, only a small portion of the back is dyed green. The rest is dyed with striking neon green, and the combo is ultimately great! Either utilize a traditional highlight technique or plunge the tips for a faded look.

10. Seafoam Green and Blue Hair


To achieve an ocean sea foam effect, use various blue and green hair colors. Your hair will undoubtedly glow if the colors go well together. These colors together give your hair a ton of depth. We can say we are all in love with this look!

11. Green Hair with Blue Roots


Modernize the traditional color combination inspired by the ocean with a neon pastel tint. This electric hair color fades from bright blue to highlighter green, going lighter at the roots. The only modest aspect of this dazzling dye job is the transition from blue to green.

12. Blue to Green Ombre with Natural Roots


Take one glance at the photo and see how great the mix looks! When combined with your naturally black hair in an ombre style, blue and green hair colors look fantastic. An ombre’s bottom half gives it a storybook appearance. 

13. Blue and Green Color Block Short Hair


Match your trendy, edgy bob with edgy hair color. With this haircut, lime green and dark blue hair dyes will look fantastic and reveal your carefree side to others. İn this color block hairstyle, the beautiful lime green is placed underneath the hair while the stunning dark blue is over it. What a look!

14. Scattered Blue and Green Highlights


For the base color of your hair adventure, use a gorgeous shade of green hair dye. It’s beautiful how the light green and dark blue contrast. Apply blue hair scattered color to produce partial highlights after the base has been completed. The scattered look plus the bangs is an all-rounder for sure!

15. Blue and Green Highlights on Natural Hair


Think about using vivid blue and green hair dyes on your natural hair to achieve the traditional highlights. You don’t have to go much further if you want a lovely hair color combination. Whatever aesthetic you select, the set will look fantastic.

16. Northern Lights Hair


With one, and we remind you, just one look at this stupefying hairstyle; it will remind you of the equally stunning northern lights! This blue and green hairstyle has a dark vibe which is different than most of the looks with both colors. A beauty indeed!

17. Blue and Green Color Melt


Probably nearly any hairdo can benefit from a blue and green color melt. As if the paint is gushing and flowing down over the hair, this color combination is one for the books! I might as well remind you that for this look, you need to have your hair lightened adequately first. 

18. Blue and Green Bob Cut


Why limit yourself to one hair color when you can have two? Watch some major magic happen as you combine your favorite greens with a striking blue hue. This blue and green look is cool and trendy when worn with a gracefully cut bob hairstyle.

19. Blue and Green Ombre and Silver Half-and-half


To become the most lavish woman in town, use different blue and green hues to create a three-color half-and-half ombre. On the other half, start with dark blue and work your way down to lighter and brighter green shades. Use this gorgeous shade of frosty silver for the other half to create a contrasting look!

20. Neon Green Hair with Blue Streak


This brilliant, almost neon-like bright green coloring is currently in style. To even up things more, we have a blue streak in the front part of the hair! To give your locks several weeks of lush brilliance, make sure to locate a skilled colorist for the color job and to provide it with the care and necessary upkeep.

21. Blue and Green Curly Hair


For all the curly-haired beauties out there, this is for you! Adorn your luscious curls with these two shades, the equally stunning blue and green, for a look that will indeed take eyes off of everyone wherever you go!

22. Asymmetrical Blue and Green Hair


Not a checkerboard but an eye-catching asymmetrical blue and green dye job is what we have here before you! The addition of the bangs certainly made the whole look far better. This interesting dye placement will turn necks in a crowd wherever you go!

23. Blue and Green Underlights


Here we have a fascinating peekaboo dye job using two stunning shades of blue and green. İf you want to keep your natural hair color but also want the pizzazz of the electric colors, this hairstyle will suit you the best! 

24. Blue and Green Money Pieces on Black Hair


Getting some eye-catching blue and green ombre money pieces is a terrific way to capitalize on the current trend of vibrant hair colors, which is very popular. The advantage is that you can still sport your natural hair with it and that it is particularly ideal for this summer.

25. Blue Mullet with Green Sides

İf you are one of those women with a daring and bold personality and are also a fan of neon, then we have just the perfect hairstyle for you! Express your inner character with this neon blue and green mullet and watch everyone stare in awe!


There you have it, folks! Don’t forget to let us know which one of these stunning blue and green hairstyles are you willing to sport!

Sitti is a beauty journalist on HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She is passionate about all things beauty and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She loves trying new products and trends and is always on the lookout for the next big thing in the world of beauty.