30 Black Marble Nail Designs to Make You Shine

Having a fingernail design that looks elegant and impressive can positively affect your whole style. If you want to have a classy look, black marble nails can help you. Here are 30 black marble nail designs that can genuinely make you shine.

These Nails Are the Perfect Mix of Black and Shiny

Marble nails are the perfect mix of black and shiny and will turn heads.

These are the chic alternative to a classic French manicure. A marble manicure can take on many different colors and designs depending on your preference, but we love it in black because it’s simple, edgy, and sleek.

What Is Black Marble Nail?

Black marble nail designs are a type of nail art that is more complicated to achieve than a simple nail polish color. There are many different styles and patterns that you can do with marbling, and it is a fun way to create a unique look for your nails.

Who Should Go With Black Marble Nail Designs?

The black marble nail design is beautiful, elegant, and trendy. It also makes for a great conversation piece. This is different from the other nail designs you see on Pinterest and Instagram. And it’s something new that you can try if you’re bored with your current manicure.

If you love trying new things or are looking for a fun new challenge, this is the perfect nail design project!

Who says art has to be expensive? You don’t need a costly salon or fancy equipment—use what you have at home!

Round Ballerina Nails with Black Marble

These black marble nails incorporate the beautiful black matte color with an attractive design.


Black Marble with White Accent

Here you can see a beautiful black marble design with a white marble accent.


Techy Black Marble Nails

When you combine jet black with colors such as daisies, you can create amazing effects like this one.


Long Black Marble Nails with Gold Flakes

If you have long square nails, you can try out this design that combines black marble with gold flakes.


Black and White

Another good combination of black and white marble, but with a different idea.


Elegant Black Marble

Black marble nails can look incredibly elegant with a good design.


Messy Black Marble Nails

If you want short nails with a black marble design, you can try this option.


Black Marble Nails with Piercings

A unique and bold design that incorporates piercings with long square nails.


Black Marble with Accent

One fingernail has black marble, while the other ones are entirely black.


Black and Blue

Blue is another beautiful color that you can combine with black marble.


Abstract Black Marble Design

This nail design combines square nails with pointed ones and an outstanding abstract black marble design.


Black Marble and Green

Green can work well with black marble if done right.


A Touch of Black Marble

When using black marble, you can use it to create a beautiful design.


Fancy Black Design

A beautiful and fancy design that has black marble in it.


Almond Black Marble

Almond-shaped fingernails with black marble and touches of gold.


Silver and Black Marble

Short nails can look incredibly good with black marble and silver glitter.


Slight Mountain Peaks

You can also wear black marble nails with a slight mountain peak shape.


Round Black Marble

Round and slightly long fingernails can look perfect with a combination of black and black marble.


Smoky Black Marble

Another unique design that has a smoky look with black marble color.


Black Marble with Rhinestones

Rhinestones can be an excellent addition to black marble nails.


Small Almonds with Black Marble

You can try out this design when you want to make small-sized nails look glorious.


Night Sky

Here is a design with mountain peak fingernails that look like the beautiful night sky.


Blue and Black Marble

If you want to achieve an impressive look, combining blue and black marble may be the way to go.


Glittery Black Marble

A beautiful design with shiny glitter nails and black marble.


Long Rounded Black Marble

Achieve an impressive result with long and rounded black marble nails.


Cute Black Marble Almonds

While black marble is usually an intimidating color, it can work well with cutesy shapes like this one.


Black Marble with Starry Accent

You can combine black marble with a shiny-looking accent for an incredibly harmonious design.


Long Mountain Peaks with Black Marble Accent

Incorporating black marble into long nails can be as simple as this one.


Short and Simple

It is also possible to use black marble in your nails with a simple design.


Classy Black Marble Design

Another short and beautiful design that looks classy and simple.


Final Words

Black marble nails can have an impressive and intimidating look. Along with this, you can also use them in simple and elegant designs. If you want to use this design in your fingernails, you can use the thirty examples that we have provided here.


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