25 Black Hair with Highlights Ideas to Enhance Your Style

black hair with highlights

The current fashion for black hair with highlights is stunning and popular. Finding the ideal proportion of contrast with your dark tresses that could completely match your skin is the best way to get the best possible result from your highlights.

Regardless of your preferred hair color ideas, highlights on black hair provide women’s hairstyles dimension, radiance, attractiveness, and style.

We have the perfect number of neutral highlights as well as several vibrant and striking highlights that you will for sure love!

Check out these black hair with highlights ideas to enhance your style below that will blow your mind away!

1. Straight Black Hair with Pearl Ash Highlights


Way to start off things with a bang! This hairstyle is such pleasant to the eye. The black-hued locks are adorned with these gorgeous pearl ash highlights, and it really brought substance to the whole look!

2. Black Hair with Brown Chunky Highlights


Now, this asymmetrical bob you are seeing right now is taken up to a higher level just by adding these stunning chunky brown highlights. This style of dyeing technique is just genius and brings a nice vibe to the whole ensemble.

3. Long Black Hair with Brown Color Melt Highlight


This color melt technique is officially a trend, and we are absolutely loving it! The long, luscious locks start off with a black hue, and then gorgeously melting to this lovely brown hue and it is certainly a highlight that our eyes would never forget!

4. Black Wavy Hair with Magenta Highlights


This magenta highlight is branded as a very versatile shade and they top the chart as one of the most fanciful hair colors for both bold and daring fashionistas, as well as shy and demure ladies. Put that on your black hair and you are good to go!

5. Black Hair with Strawberry Highlights


Now, how’s that for a berry rush? Get your daily dose of sugar from this sweet and charming look with berry highlights! Of course, this look wouldn’t be complete if not for the beautiful base of black locks!

6. Black Hair with Gray Highlights


This look has that kind of ethereal vibe and that’s due to the gorgeous gray highlights scattered throughout the black-colored strands. There’s just something with the gray hue that gives the look a different kind of feel to it and we couldn’t be any happier!

7. Black Hair with Green Highlights


Make this your sign to try something different this season! Attempt this look and you will for sure you’ll be in for a great treat! This hairstyle consists of a stunning forest green highlight, flowing from a base of black tresses!

8. Black Hair with Two-Toned Highlights


The natural black locks displayed right here are accessorized and complemented by the juxtaposition of two magnificent colors. Aforementioned colors are mainly burgundy and teal and if this is not the cutest combination then we don’t know what will!

9. Black Hair with Purple Passion Highlights


This is the look for all those purple lovers out there! The fabulous dark purple shades are on a bed of black-colored hair. We could say that this look is indeed a fabulous style for someone who loves fab and flair!

10. Lob Waves with Matte Chocolate Highlights


Did someone order for a mocha drink? İf so, we are here giving you what you wanted! This fantastic lob hairstyle is styled with stunning matte chocolate highlights and that makes us crave for more! 

11. Black Bob Cut with Pink Peekaboo Highlights


While we’re at the topic of gorgeous highlights, this genius and fantastic peekaboo technique is such a timeless style that you would absolutely love! On top of that, it şs underneath a sleek black bob cut style. What a wonderful look!

12. Black Hair with Golden Blonde Highlights


What a fun way to dress up your black locks! The golden blonde highlights are scattered beautiful all throughout the dark base and it just shines like a star in the pitch-black night sky! So go get this look, now!

13. Black Hair with Vibrant Purple Highlights


We are here to tell you that it doesn’t get brighter than this highlight like this! Starting with a black-colored base in the crown part, the dark locks flow seamlessly into this vibrant and striking purple and we are absolutely obsessed!

14. Black Hair with Plum Highlights


This layered haircut is absolutely the look of your dreams! We started with these long and scrumptious dark locks and these plum-hued highlights are being displayed beautifully. Such an eye-catching look!

15. Black Hair with Honey Highlights


This sweet and gorgeous look is well executed and that’s thanks to the combination of these black locks and honey-colored highlights! The bouncy waves also did their thing, and it just made the look even more gorgeous!

16. Black Hair with Blazing Red Highlights


Just with a sight of these pops of red just is a sentiment that highlights just complete a look such as this! The black strands are in the background of the blazing red highlights we have right here in the hairstyle before you. What a look!

17. Black Hair with Dirty Blonde Highlights


This look here is one stunning way to style black hair! The gorgeous dirty blonde shade pops all over the dark tresses and it is absolutely a delight to the eye! This is such an attention-grabbing look that you need to try!

18. Black Hair with Burgundy Highlights


The balayage is a highlight technique that not just highlights, it gives a whole different personality to the look! The gorgeous black locks are adorned with this burgundy balayage highlight. Such a treat!

19. Black Hair with Turquoise Blue Highlights


The thing that makes this look unique and special amongst the other looks on this article is that the vibrant highlights are concentrated mostly on the ends of these dark locks. İt is a hairstyle that is fun and quirky and we’re loving it!

20. Black Hair with Beige Highlights


The depth and dimension on this look is beyond fabulous! The genius placement of the beige highlights complements the black-colored tresses so beautifully. İt is such a modern and youthful look you would like!

21. Short Black Hair with Copper Highlights


Now this is a funky and quirky hairstyle, and we are absolutely loving it! This textured haircut is composed of black-hued hair with a peekaboo copper highlight. İt’s a perfect combination to getting your perfect hairstyle!

22. Medium Black Hair with Sea Blue Highlights


This half bun is the most fantastic way to showcase this heck of a hairstyle! The medium-length black locks are paired stunningly with sea blue highlights in a peekaboo manner. A vibrant look is just right for a vibrant soul!

23. Black Braids with Dark Red Highlights


For those ladies who have gorgeous curls and prefer braids like these, this is the perfect look for you! Fantastic, black-colored braids are brought up to a different dimension by adding spectacular red highlights!

24. Black Lob with Ash Blue Money Pieces


The money pieces trend is a trend that should not go away! Not in a long time! Especially if it’s against these beautiful black locks. The ash blue highlight is an element to this look that just takes our breath away!

25. Black Hair with Lime Green Highlights


One way to end this article is with a bang hairstyle like this! Fabulous curls are showcases with a stunning lime green highlight in the front portion of the hair. The pronounced edges are a perfect cherry on top in this cupcake of a look!

That’s it for today, ladies! These are beautiful black hair with highlights ideas that we hope could inspire you for your next hairstyle adventure. Don’t forget to let us know which of these are you going to rock!

Sitti is a beauty journalist on HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She is passionate about all things beauty and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She loves trying new products and trends and is always on the lookout for the next big thing in the world of beauty.