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Can I Put Black Dye Over Pink Hair?

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Tired of ultra-flirty pink hair and ready for an edgy look? Black hair never goes out of style. But you’re probably wondering, “Can I put black dye over pink hair?” Well, yes and no. Keep reading to find the best way to go from pink to black hair.

Quick Answer

You can put black dye over pink hair if you use a permanent black hair dye. If you use a semi-permanent dye, the black will fade quickly, and you’ll end up with a dark gray shade mixed with pink. There might be a name for that color, but it’s probably just mud.

Will Black Hair Dye Cover Pink Hair?

You can put black dye over pink hair, yes, but there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. Any black hair dye will cover pink hair completely and thoroughly. But how long will your black hair color last? And what color will it become after it fades? You need answers to these questions before choosing a black hair dye.

Temporary Black Dye Over Pink Hair

Temporary dyes sit on the outside of the hair. They usually come out in one wash, but if you chose black, that doesn’t mean you’ll be pink again any time soon. That’s because, with really dark temporary dyes, they absorb into the hair shaft a little. In fact, the only time they don’t absorb is if you have super healthy hair that’s not porous at all. Even if your hair is super healthy, it’s bound to be at least a little porous because of the bleach you underwent to get pink hair. So the black will quickly fade into a gray color mixed with pink. Unattractive.  

Semi-permanent Black Dye Over Pink Hair

Semi-permanent dye is the next weight in hair dye. It’s going to sit on the outside and in between the hair cuticle shingles. If you’re putting it over a light color, like pink, that you had to use bleach form, some of the hair dye will seep into the inner part of the hair shaft, and the rest will wash out pretty quickly. So you’ll have only a few color particles of black that become permanent, mixed with the pink. That will give you a long-lasting mud color.

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Permanent Black Dye Over Pink Hair

What you need is a black hair dye that’s going to seep all the way into the core of the hair shaft, override the pink completely and give you black hair. Black hair needs a red base to adhere and look attractive, and pink is perfect for that. So when the permanent hair dye starts to fade, it will fade as black going to charcoal, not a funny muddy color.   

The Pros and Cons of Black Dye Over Pink Hair

If you’ve chosen permanent black hair dye, congratulations. You’ll have a true black that cancels out the pink hair color. There are pros to having black hair, but there are quite a few cons as well:

Pros of Black Hair    

You’ve chosen black for a reason, but maybe there are a few pros you didn’t count on:

  • As long as you use permanent black hair dye, you’ll have the subculture color that you’re looking for, and it will last for a reasonable amount of time.
  • Black hair emphasizes the color of your eyes and makes them brighter and more attractive.
  • Black hair color looks exceptional on olive skin tones and brown skin.

Cons of Black Hair   

Consider these cons before you choose permanent black hair dye to cover your pink:

  • Your hair grows about a quarter of an inch per month, so that means monthly touchups. You might be able to forego them if your hair is naturally dark, but not if it’s light. Touch-ups can get expensive.
  • Black is such a stunning color that your eyebrows will look out of place if they’re a different color. So you’ll probably need to dye those too.
  •  If you have issues with your skin, like acne or rosacea, black hair dye is going to make them look more pronounced.
  • Likewise, if you have fine lines or wrinkles, black hair dye is going to make them more noticeable.

Tips for dyeing black over pink hair

Here are a few tips to make your dye session go easier:

  1. Go to a salon: Your hair will always turn out better if it is colored at your local salon. That’s especially true if you’re putting one color over another. It will come out more evenly and look better if a stylist does it.
  2. Use color-boosting products: To keep your color black, use color-depositing shampoos and conditioners in black.
  3. Work against fading: Avoid using hair products that aren’t color-safe to avoid fading your hair too quickly. Also, don’t wash your hair daily. Twice a week is better.


What will happen if I put black dye over my pink hair?

If you use a permanent black hair dye, it will cancel out the pink. If you use a semi-permanent or temporary black hair dye, it will mix with the pink.

How long will the black dye last on my pink hair?

Black hair dye doesn’t come out of the hair easily. Depending on the dye type, the black color will last up to eight weeks.

Will the black dye damage my pink hair?

Some damage is created whenever the hair shaft’s inner part is restructured chemically. Black permanent hair dye restructures the hair bonds in the hair by breaking them and depositing color particles between them. So yes, it damages the hair, but probably not in a way you would notice.

Can I go to another color after changing it to black from pink?

You won’t be able to color your hair to a different color after using permanent black hair dye, at least without undergoing a heavy bleach job at a salon. Or you can cut your hair to the virgin roots and color them afterward.

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