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25 Bixie Cut Haircuts That Will Make You Stand Out in 2022

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


The Bixie is a genius coined term that means a combination of a bob and a pixie cut, both of which are stunning and trendy hairstyles right now. But when combined, it forms into a bixie, a haircut that most probably exceeds your standards for short hair.

 This fashionable haircut combines the adaptability of a bob with the volume of a short pixie. Women of various ages can wear it because the cut can be altered to your liking and is versatile.

It has many hair layers to divide the look and provide an airy pixie look. It is contoured for volume on top and sides and thinner on the bottom, similar to a bob.

The majority of Bixie cut hairstyles feature bangs of some kind. The cut is given depth and proportion by bangs or shorter face-framing portions in the front, which also increase the variety of ways you can style it.

You can style your Bixie in a voluminous manner, up high or on the side. Use your preferred hairspray to set it to add shine and extend the wear duration.

Below are several bixie cut inspirations for ladies that might give you enough inspiration for your next short hair journey. Now scroll away!

1. Dark to Light Blonde Bixie

This fun, funky bixie look is one to covet more, mainly because of its choppy layers! The already gorgeous blonde hue is even upgraded to a higher level based on this meticulously cut bixie look that you cannot help but stare at!

2. Edgy Short Bixie

Only those with courage and a bold personality can pull off this edgy micro crop bixie cut! This might be just one look that is the shortest of the shortest bixies ever but believe us when we say this is one way to adorn your short hair! 

3. Platinum Blonde Bixie

The beauty of a bixie is that you get all the shape and tapered beauty of a pixie, and at times when you feel like it, you can switch it to the side like that with a bob. Upgrade that Bixie with this platinum blonde look, and you will surely break the crowd’s necks and jaws wherever you go!

4. Side Swept Bixie

A typical characteristic of a bob, flipping the hair to one side while retaining the short sides and layered back of a pixie, is exactly why you should try this bixie style out! Pop on your biggest, most extravagant sunnies for this look and exude all the sophistication this look can offer!

5. Bronde Bixie

As if we did not get enough coined terms from the bixie look, we have bronde Bixie. A combination of the brown and blonde hues, this array of colors when styled on a bixie cut. Just look at those layers, and do not even get us started on the stunning shape!

6. Dark Brown Bixie

Style your dark brown tresses with this edgy, buzzed bixie cut. The swag and coolness that this specific look exude are just insane! If you are one of those women who want to save time in the mornings, this style is for you since it doesn’t require a huge amount of styling!

7. Bixie with Pink and Purple Highlights

This is one stunning way to express your character and personality with a single hairstyle! The layers on this Bixie are speaking magic, not to include the galaxy-inspired pink and purple highlights throughout the hair! What a look to try!

8. Golden Blonde Bixie

This shade of blonde reminds us of a Lannister-specific blonde. If you are a GoT fan, you’d know. This look is one incredible way to style your natural blonde locks, or if you prefer to dye your hair in this color, then this is perfect for you as well.

9. Curly White Bixie

Indeed, you can say that this is one heck of a way to style your natural curls! This curly white Bixie has a long and tapered back but has a fuller front. We love it! You are genuinely combining the best of both worlds into this one fabulous Bixie!

10. Silver-Blonde Bixie with Dark Roots

This particular Bixie gives way to styling options as it sits just below the ears while having the front portions a bit longer, thus making side-swept bangs in the process. Not to mention that this look has a stunning hue in this silver-blonde! The dark roots help complement the look, and it just completes the whole ensemble!

11. Bixie with Bangs

This bixie cut is a light haircut that will not drag down thin or straight hair because it stops just behind the ear. Perfect for ladies who want volume for their hair! Fuller bangs provide styling options and complement the appearance by adding a little volume to the front.

12. Long Bixie

Compared to the usual bixies we have, this hairstyle, in particular, has a longer back and a shorter front portion, making it a long bixie. Still a child of the bob and pixie parents, this cut gives such an edgy and bold look that you’d want to sport on your hair!

13. Bright Orange Bixie

You know what they say, go big or go home! This vivid orange bixie look is the perfect epitome of that adage! The brightly colored tresses are trimmed down to this long bixie-cut manner, with face-framing bangs in front for added dimension.

14. Red Bixie

This dark red goodness is incredibly complemented by the beauty of this bixie cut we have right here. The layers on the back, the more extended portions on the front, and even include the aforementioned red hue all make the equation for a perfect colored bixie!

15. Copper with a Pinch of Yellow Bixie

This stunning shade of copper is realized on a base of messy, wavy short locks. The locks above, in turn, are trimmed to make this bixie look that exudes such a funky and quirky vibe. A hint of yellow is added to complete the whole ensemble!

16. Neat Brushed Blonde Bixie

Do you need a short hairstyle that you can wear on any occasion, may it be formal or friendly? Well, look no more because we have a look just for you! This neat, brushed-back bixie look can exude a feminine yet bold vibe when sported. Not to mention the glossy blonde that encapsulates all that bixie goodness!

17. Layered Gray Bixie

What a way to style your natural-colored tresses! Layering creates a look with plenty of motion and is suited for face types like square and round by keeping the mass out from the ends. It has strong vintage overtones thanks to a side part and bangs that are fashioned over the forehead and down.

18. Voluminous Brown Bixie

This look we have right here is perfect for brunette women who want a significant but stunning change to their hair! This brown Bixie exudes a lot of depth and dimension with all of the layers throughout it. The volume speaks for itself, we should say!

19. Black Bixie with Short Bangs

Black Bixie all the way! We cannot count the classic OG black hair when discussing a bixie hairstyle. This one we have right before your eyes is a perfect look for those women who want to exude their daring and bold personality through their haircut.

20. Green Bixie

Right here, we have a bixie look for straight hair. You might be confused about what green shades are used on this particular hairstyle with one look. Is it olive, forest, or neon? Well, it might be the perfect combination of those three unique green shades, and we love it in a bixie! 

21. Pink and Purple Ombre Bixie

This look is for you if you want to touch on your creative side for your short hair. This incredible bixie cut has blunt micro bangs in the front. The front portion is dyed with this beautiful pink and purple ombre hue that takes our eyes with just one glance!

22. Coiled Bixie

If you are one of those women who have these ringlets for hair, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered too! This bixie cut is not just for straight or wavy hair types but curly ones. Just look at those frontal coils falling to the forehead. What a look!

23. Face-framing Bixie

The excitement of recreating one’s appearance in this look makes this a fabulous haircut for angular facial features and sporting a bixie cut. These razor-cut frontal pieces are carefully tailored to frame one’s face, thus giving your Bixie cut a fabulous upgrade!

24. Vivid Pink Bixie

Live in your Barbie hot pink dream with this cute vivid pink bixie hairstyle! This look also has the layered, tapered back characteristic of the Bixie, but instead of a more extended front portion, we have right here micro bangs that sit just on top of the eyebrows. A look to try!

25. Asymmetrical Rainbow Bixie

If settling for neutral colors on your short hair is not your type, go all out on this rainbow bixie cut! All based on a bed of bright pink hair, this Bixie is trimmed asymmetrically to emphasize the layers, and on top of all that, there is a rainbow ombre-colored highlight. A cherry on top, if you say so!

Bixie cuts are becoming increasingly popular and are the perfect way to show off your unique style. Whether you’re looking for something edgy or sophisticated, there’s a bixie cut out there for you. You’ll find a look that suits you with many different ways to style a bixie cut.

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