30 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Colors to Inspire Your Next Coloring Session

In the lookbooks and runway shows that have been rounding out the spring and summer seasons, balayage continues to be a top trend in hair coloring. From a simple gradient of natural tones at one end of the spectrum to bold swatches of candy-colored hues at the other, we’re showing you 30 gorgeous examples of balayage hair colors. From on-trend pastel hues to metallic looks, this roundup covers all the bases when it comes to balayage hair color ideas.

What is balayage?

Balayage is a French word that translates to “to paint” or to “sweep” and is the technique of hand-painting highlights onto the hair using very fine sections of color. It is considered a more natural way of highlighting the hair and can be a great option for those who want a low maintenance style with a subtle, sun-kissed look.

The technique was first used in France as early as the 1920’s and has become popular in both Europe and North America over the past few years. With balayage you can achieve natural looking highlights, which blend seamlessly into your existing hair color, creating a sun-kissed look. It allows you to have highlights that are different colors than the base color of your hair avoiding the harsh lines that can sometimes be seen with other highlighting methods.

The application of balayage is freehand, which allows your stylist a lot of freedom when deciding how to apply and place the highlights around the face and head. The artist starts by painting individual sections of color with small brushes or combs directly onto the hair starting from underneath at the root where there is more pigment (color). This will create a gradient effect going towards lighter shades towards the tips. The goal is to create an even distribution of light.

How much will it cost?

Balayage is a time-consuming service. If you get balayage did (and want to maintain that look), you’ll need to come back every four to six weeks for touch-ups. On the upside, it’s not as damaging to your hair as traditional color.

(The exception is if you choose a very light shade. If you’re going all-over blonde, then the regrowth will be much more noticeable than if you were just getting your roots touched up because the new growth will be darker and show more clearly.)

Most salons charge extra for balayage versus traditional coloring or highlights, which is why this service can be pricey, especially if you get very light shades applied. A full head of color with highlights can run close to $300, while balayage costs an additional $100 or so on top of that.

At-home balayage kits are much less expensive than salon services, which can range from $75 to $150 per application. These kits work much like other at-home coloring kits.

Balayage Hair Color Ideas

You can choose from a variety of tones to match your skin tone or mood. We’ve compiled a list of hairstyles that use this fantastic method. Here are 30 Balayage Hair Color Ideas.

Blonde on Blonde Balayage

For women who can’t get enough of blonde, this style is great. It will be impossible not to be pleased with a hairdo that is both bright and fascinating.


Unicorn Balayage

I encourage people who listen to their inner child’s voice to consider the beauty of this hairdo. The superb balayage technique, embellished with soft colors, creates a stunning appearance.


Natural Balayage Tones

You can also color your hair without exposing your natural hair root to chemicals. You will get a natural and somewhat healthy innovation as a result of this form of balayage.


Summer Blonde Balayage

This one is perfect for summer! Warm, exciting, new and modern.


Less is More

Without going through much coloring process, you can attain incredibly natural and sweet results.



Professional hair stylists transform finely processed hair into a work of art. Despite the fact that it takes a long time to create, this beauty is well worth the wait.


Sweet Brunette Balayage

You can soften your brunette hair with sweet caramel tones. A great choice for women looking for a little change.


Balayaged Curls

Balayage-treated curly hair jumps to another level of perfection. The shimmer mixed in between the curls offers a very natural look.


Red Balayage

Despite the fact that red balayage were highly popular in the 1990s, they now have a radically different shape due to recent touches.


Fascinating Blonde Balayage

It’s difficult to select between all the different shades of blonde in the balayage process because they all look wonderful! All you have to do now is picking to achieve this beautiful hairstyle.


Eggplant Purple Highlight Balayage

After this color, you’ll fall in love with your hair all over again. It’s a unique and excellent pick.


Copper – Blonde Mix Balayage

The combination of copper and blonde creates a sunset effect and a unique hair color. This fascinating color combination also appears to be extremely natural.


Orangey Balayage With Bangs

Reddish, orangey, legendary color! In the hands of the right expert, hair coloring becomes an art form.


Cinnamon Touched Balayage

With a sprinkle of cinnamon, you can prepare your hair for any season. From autumn to summer, this is a color that is popular.


Ice Blonde Balayaged Bob

Perhaps the most modern combination of short hair balayage: sharp bob cut and ice blond balayage.


Rainbow Balayage

This style, created with vibrant and different colors, takes its name from the rainbow, which is vivid like itself.


Dulce Balayage

You may lighten the color of your dark hair and change your entire style with minor changes by using lovely caramel blonde tones.


Peachy Balayage

The peach tones are adorable, just like the names imply! This balayage style with pink, blonde, and red reflections is truly unique.


Darker Choice

It is not required to use blonde tones to create difference. Small tricks can also produce gratifying effects.


Honey Bubble Balayage

While the honey bubble color offers a catchy image, it provides a beauty that can be reached without effort.


Chocolate Caramel Balayage

The small sparkles you’ll add to your hair without sacrificing its naturalness will satisfy you by offering the change you’ve been longing for.


Strawberry Balayage

This shade, known as strawberry color, has a very sweet and stylish look. The color is a wonderful choice of balayage tones, which shines out especially well in the lob cut.


Blonde Balayage With Darker Roots

You can apply blonde to your hair in any tone that softens towards the ends when you keep your original hair tone stable. It’s a great way to keep your natural hair color while making a dramatic transformation.


Ashy Balayage Bob

Because of its natural appearance, blonde with ash tones is a popular hair color. You can use the balayage technique to apply this color and produce a more natural and appealing look.


Rare Highlights

You don’t want to ruin your long hair’s structure, but you do want to add some glitz to your face? Here’s an excellent choice for you.


Blend of Blonde Shades

Imagine this hair color on your tanned skin… It’s stunning.


Face Frame Highlights

Hair color that frames the face has become increasingly trendy in recent years. This color can be combined with the balayage technique, which is suggested for fashion conscious women.


Sunrise Shaded Balayage

Wouldn’t it be romantic to have the sunrise’s romance in your hair? Who wouldn’t want it? With this flawless balayage, you can capture sunrise tones on your hair.


More Darker More Natural

This style is fairly natural and offers minor touches of change for women who do not compromise on brunettes.


Pinky Balayage

Pink is perhaps the most eye-catching hair color of the 2000s. Pink, which may be seen in a variety of hair coloring techniques and styles, is particularly attractive in balayage.


Whether you have balayage or ombre hair already, or are thinking of getting it done in the near future, you’ll no doubt find something to love here. We included a wide variety of balayage hair colors, so hopefully you’ll find inspiration for your next color session. From subtle to striking and bold, there’s something for every taste here.

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