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30 Ash Grey Hair Color Ideas That Want You to Try it Now

girl with ash grey hair color

If you want to have a unique and easily noticeable appearance, ash grey hair can be a wonderful choice. Because it is possible to get an impressive look with this wonderful hair color. If you are struggling to find the right hairstyle with this color, here are 30 ash grey hair ideas for you to get inspiration from.

Who Can Go For Ash Grey Hair Color?

Before you go for ash grey hair color, it’s important to know which skin tones will suit this hair color.

If you have cool undertones in your skin, ash grey hair color is made for you.

Cool toned women are also known as winter women or cool blondes and they look best in white, black or jewel colors like blue and red. If your skin has pink or blue undertones, bright colors such as yellow will make you look washed out but pastels will bring out the brightness of your eyes. If these descriptions remind you of yourself, then ash grey hair color will work well on you.

Is Ash Grey Hair Color Hair High-Maintenance?

The main concern most people have when it comes to ash grey hair color is that it will be high-maintenance. The truth is, they are partly right. You must use the right products and give your hair regular trims to keep it on top form. To maintain this cool look, use a purple shampoo to tone your ash grey hair color and condition with a deep conditioning treatment every few weeks. When you get out of the shower, spray a leave-in conditioner onto your damp tresses, then apply an oil such as argan oil to seal in moisture and add shine. If you want silver strands that feel soft, shiny, and healthy all year round, you need to invest time into caring for them correctly

Ash Grey Beige Hair

This style features a unique hair color with full, wavy and long hair.


Ash Grey Blend

In this hairstyle, AirTouch technique was used to create a beautiful blend of ash grey hair.


Natural Looking Ash Grey

Medium length hair can be given a fancy and special look with ash grey that looks natural.


Daring Ash Grey

If you want a daring hair color that is easily noticeable, then you might want to try this one.


Ash Grey with Braids

Here is a blend of blonde and ash grey that features cool looking braids.


Ash Grey Transformation

This example showcases a wonderful transformation from blonde to ash grey.


Short Ash Grey with Blue Tone

Does ash grey color work well with short hair? Well, here is a great example.


Brown with a Touch of Ash Grey

If you have brown hair, you can make it look better with a slight touch of ash grey.


Ash Grey Ombre

Ombre technique can be incorporated in order to create a great effect on ash grey hair.


Short and Casual Ash Grey

Altough ash grey is a unique color for hair, it can also work with casual hairstyles, too.


Long and Elegant Ash Grey Hair

Ash grey color can work incredibly well with a long hairstyle, making it look elegant.


Voluminous Ash Grey Hair

When it comes to voluminous hair that looks full, ash grey can create a beautiful style.


Ash Grey with Blonde Undertones

While it is a unique hair color, ash grey can be very versatile and work with different hair colors like blonde.


Wavy Ash Grey Brown

Here is a beautiful hairstyle with ash grey hair that can work well in many settings.


Ash Grey on Brown

Another example of ash grey details on brown hair.


Fine Wavy Ash Grey

If you have medium to long hair that you want to make more noticeable, you can try out ash grey.


Blunt Ash Grey

While ash grey works incredibly well with long hair, it can also look great with blunt cut hairstyle, too.


Straight Medium Length Ash Grey Hair

Ash grey hair can also look great on medium length hair that is straightened.


Long Wavy Ash Grey

When you want your long hair look wonderful, you can try out ash grey color with beautiful waves.


Smoky Ash Grey Tone

Although some may prefer other tones of ash grey hair, this one can be a good choice, too.


Elegant Ash Grey

Along with looking unique and special, ash grey can also give your hair an elegant vibe.


Ash Grey with Bangs

A great example of how ash grey hair can look really good with bangs.


Classy and Long

This hairstyle takes the beautiful wavy look to another level with ash grey.


Brown with Ash Grey and Wavy Ends

If you want to turn your simple hairstyle into something more beautiful, you can try out this one.


Straight Mid-Length Ash Grey

Mid-length hair can look wonderful with ash grey color when straightened.


Courtly Ash Grey

You can achieve a courtly appearance with ash grey hair that is long and wavy.


Simple Ponytail Ash Grey

If you have ash grey hair, you can make it look beautiful even with a simple ponytail.


Ash Grey with Root Shadow

It is possible to create an amazing contrast with a simple root shadow in ash grey hair.


Stately Ash Grey Hair

For voluminous and long hair, ash grey color can work great with waves.


Classy Long Ash Grey Hair

As ash grey is a unique hair color, a simple style with it for long hair can work wonders.


Final Words

Ash grey hair is awesome to try out but it may take some exploration to find the right tone and style that you want. Here we have listed thirty amazing examples of ash grey that you may find interesting. With ash grey you can complete your style and have a more impressive look.

Yesim enjoys sharing new style trends with her friends and is excited to offer her knowledge to the readers of HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She currently lives in a peaceful touristic town in the USA with her husband and two children.