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Ash Blonde Hair: Color, Hairstyle Ideas & Tips

Ash blonde is one of the most striking and radiant blonde tones. It’s a great hair color choice because it goes with both cold and warm skin undertones.

Ashy blonde tones that you can match with the haircuts that suit you will be the most eye-catching part of your style. The ageless and timeless hairstyle, which we all need, is achievable thanks to this perfect color and fitting haircuts.

With their natural color spectrum, ashy tones always get more requests. While professional hair stylists praise the color’s perfection, they strongly advise using purple shampoo. Hair color will stay as fresh and vibrant as it was the first day thanks to the purple shampoo. Purple shampoo, which you will use once a week enough to protect the ashy color.

What is ash blonde hair color?

Ash blonde is a color that falls somewhere in the middle of blonde and grey. It has a light brown base with golden undertones, which makes it a very flattering color on most skin tones.

The shade is named as such because ash blonde hair is generally lighter than ashy blonde hair. Ashy blonde hair can have an almost grayish tone to it, where ash blonde hair only has a hint of gray. Ash Blonde hair will typically have more of a golden hue or honey color to it, making it appear warmer and more natural than ashy blondes.

We recommend this shade for those who want to maintain their roots while still being able to achieve the lighter color they want for their ends at home using box dyes or at the salon.

Is ash blonde the same as light brown?

Many people often use these two colors interchangeably, but there are slight differences that make them not one and the same. For starters, ash blond is a bit darker than light brown. They also have different tonal values. Ash blond has a cooler hue while light brown has a warmer one.

In order to understand what is the difference between these colors it is necessary to know the colorimetry of each of them.

Ash blonde is composed of two percentages of black and 5% of red-yellow that gives it its warm tone like gold or ivory, while light brown has 10% red-yellow and less black which makes it more like copper or bronze with a cool tone like silver or gray.

Does ash blonde cover grey hair?

Ash blonde is not just a matter of covering grey hair. It is about offering an extra dimension of root blending, which makes it perfect for covering greys.

The more grays, the more shades should be used to keep them from being detectable. Ash blonde is ideal, because it prevents a yellow cast and conspicuous roots, which would otherwise make the hair look less natural.

Is ash blonde flattering?

The perfect blonde hair color is not black or white. Ash blonde is the best color that will look especially flattering if there are some darker highlights sewn in throughout.

Ash Blonde can be the best hair color if one has flawless skin and light eyes.

You may notice that ash blonde hair has a slight grayish undertone, which makes it work well with any complexion, because it does not have too much warmth to clash with someone with pale skin or pink undertones. You can also style an ash blonde hue for any occasion whether you are going to work, on a date, or attending a party!

How to get ash blonde hair from yellow?

There are many reasons why people may want to change their hair colour. One of the most common reasons is that they want to lighten their hair. This can be done by using a toning shampoo and conditioner that has violet pigment in it.

The first step would be to buy a toning shampoo and conditioner with violet pigment in it. The next step would be to dye your mane back to its natural colour so you don’t have any yellow left on your strands after it’s all said and done.

How to maintain ash blonde hair?

For a lot of people, it’s a natural desire to want to have a natural looking hair color. Ash blonde hair is the perfect hair color for those who want to have a light, subtle hair color.

Ash blonde is the result of fading light brown hair to white over time, and it can take months of dedicated upkeep to maintain this color. If you want your ash blonde hairstyle to last, you must wash it with a lightening shampoo and then a color-safe shampoo, and you should dry it before styling so that the cuticle of each strand lays flat.

In order to maintain ash blonde hair, you need to follow these steps:

  • Avoid too much direct sunlight and use UV protection.
  • Get regular haircuts and get your roots touched up monthly.
  • Use shampoo and conditioner that will protect your color from fading while also making your hair shinier.

Ash Blonde Hairstyles

You will find the most suitable ashy blonde hairstyles for you with to the list we have prepared to inspire you.


Face Framing highlights is one of the bombshell hairstyles of 2021. The style, which became more popular with Hailey Bieber’s frequent revealing of her charming blonde hair on Instagram, combines with ashy tones perfectly.

Grey and Ash Blonde Tones

Grey and Ash Blonde Tones are the newest hair color trends that have been popularized by celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. 

Grey and Ash Blonde Tones are very trendy, but also risky for those with naturally dark hair because it can result in a lot of damage. The key to getting this color is to first bleach your hair light blond, then dye it with ash toned dye.


Blonde Balayage On Brunette Roots

We have a fantastic option that will get your hair ready for autumn. Balayage in ash blonde. The nearly gray blonde tone will give your face a sophisticated radiance.

Dark Ash Blonde

There is no such thing as blonde tones will necessarily be light! This dark and ashy blonde offers a unique style.


Wavy Sun-kissed Ash Blonde

Natural-looking images are always created using coloring methods that maintain your natural hair roots. Light waves finish off the natural effect.

Ash Blonde Ombre

Blonde hair has always been popular, but lately it has taken on a new meaning. Ash Blonde Ombre has replaced the old platinum blonde that was so common in the 20th century. This trend is perfect for those who want to go darker than their natural color, but don’t want to go too far. Blonde hair with dark roots is a perfect way to experiment with different colors without committing to one.


Shiny Blonde

It’s the perfect hair color that will convince you to give up on dark hair.

Warmth Tones

You can also try ashy colors in warm tones. This color suits the lob style haircut incredibly well.


Ashy Blonde With Babylight

With the shine provided by the Babylight process, these ashy tones will give elegance to your look.

Natural Shines On Long Hair

Ashy blonde is a great option if you want to add luster to your long natural hair. You will receive a vivid hair color that is suitable for both fall and summer thanks to the ashy tone.


Ashy Cream Blonde

If you’re seeking for cool-toned colors, the creamy blonde tone is a must-try! One of the best examples of ash blonde is this trendy and dazzling shade.

Ash Blonde Balayage

You won’t believe the effect after balayage in ashy tones. Don’t put off turning blonde any longer; this ashy tone will look great on you regardless of your skin tone.


Ash Brown Blonde Balayage

We are delighted to recommend one of the most eye-catching color tones of balayage if you want to add shine to your gorgeous brown hair.

Ash Smoke

This perfect color is brought to life by professional hands. You should definitely use purple shampoo for the color that is perfect but also requires effort to protect.


Natural Curls

The ashy color and shine you will add to your natural curls will amaze those who see it.

Ashy Bob

This cold ashy blonde is one of the best tones to go with the modern attitude of bob haircut. It will bring out the shine in your eyes, especially if you have colored eyes.


Gentle Layers

Your hair will gain movement and the ashy blonde hue will come to the fore even more with the stylish layered cut you will apply to it.

Straight Lob

You don’t need very long hair to enchant with the color of your hair! You will have ageless style with this modern haircut and color.


Curtain Bangs

With the popularity of the curtain bangs, the ash blonde hair color that suits you best will be the perfect duo.

Wavy Bob

With the energetic stance of wavy messy bob and elegance of ash blonde hair color. Different but complementary style elements.


Ashy Shag

There is no better shade to complete the nostalgic mood of the shag cut in Farah Fawcett style!

Silver Blonde

Cold-toned ashy blonde is elegantly revealed with the waves you will add to the ends of your hair…



Bronde is the result of flawlessly blending brown and blonde tones with the balayage process. On ashy tones, this distinctive coloring procedure is stunning.

Multitonal Blonde

The ashy blonde color stands out and fascinates thanks to the contrast colors used in the balayage.


Platinum Ice

Platinum ice color with gray reflections is an ashy blonde color with cold tones. Especially if you have skin with warm undertones, this hair color will help you attract attention with the contrast that it creates.

Blunt Cut

Blunt cut is a haircut that suits straight hair very well. It also shines with cold-toned blonde.


Sleek Bob

The balayage process, which is made with the perfect blend of warm and ashy tones, is completed with a bob cut. This combination creates a youthful and radiant hairstyle.

Ashy Color For Mid-Ages

With the classic layered cut, the cool-toned ashy blonde color will help you lengthen your hair naturally.


Ash Silver Balayage

The ashy ice blonde balayage guarantees a makeover that keeps your naturalness while adding movement to your natural silver hair!

Strawberry Shades

Would you like to add a little difference to your ashy blonde hair? You will get the cute change you are looking for with the sweet strawberry tones of balayage.

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