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30 Amber Hair Color Ideas That Will Inspire Your Next Look

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


With the revival of warm tones, women’s hair color preferences have shifted to amber. This color, which is a wonderful blend of blonde and red tones, is one of the most common choice, especially in the fall. Along with the existence of both blonde and red tones, the color, which comes in a variety of shades, provides you with a variety of choices.

Women with all hair hues, from blonde to brunette, will appreciate the tone, which warms every color it blends. With its many and eye-catching tints, this stunning hue, produces a helpful and eye-catching style for every lady. Here are 30 Amber Hair Color Ideas to help you choose the perfect amber hairdo.

Amber Balayage

It is the dream of every woman to dye hair without damaging to natural hair follicles. With this balayage process you will achieve it! It is both an astounding change and the thanks to the warmth of the amber color, the hairstyle will brighten your face.

Long And Warm Amber

You’ll almost look like a natural redhead with the amber tint, which is dominated by red tones. This style is perfect for you if you want to make a stunning makeover to your long hair.

Spiced Amber Color

This color, a delightful mix of blonde and red tones, looks amazing on slightly wavy hair!

Amber Brunette

You never have to tire your brunette hair out with hair bleaching processes to give it a natural glow! With the brunette amber shade, you’ll get a lot more than you hoped for.

Amber Pearl

The amber pearl color is ideal for creating gleaming hair. These warm tones will brighten your appearance.

Amber Touch To Brunette

You will love brunette hair and amber sparkles! This natural shine will be your favorite style in summer.

Amber Shine On Curls

This style will make you fall in love! Amber is the best choice for adding ideal warmth to curly hair with minimal effort.

Vivid Amber

One of the hair colors that best matches autumn fashion is vivid amber. The color is certainly on the list of things to try, also it looks much better in trendy short haircuts.

Chocolate Amber

This hairstyle, which combines chocolate tones with amber sparkles, is perfect for long, wavy hair. These warm colors will give your face a sweet glow if you have cold undertones.

Light Amber

The light amber color is ideal for bringing out the color in the eyes of women who have colored eyes. Women of all styles will look great in this fashionable and bright tone.

Amber Lighted Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs, colored with the balayage technique, combine both a very fashionable haircut and a very popular color, amber, in an exquisite way.

Natural Waves

The gold sparkling amber tone is ideal for showcasing natural hair waves. You’ll fall in love with this hairdo that can be worn in any season.

Amber Babylight

Babylight treatment in amber tones is for you if you want a more natural glow for this season.

Amber Balayage For Black Women

Every hue looks great on black women, but the warm tones of amber are particularly beautiful!

Amber Blonde

See the amazing beauty of amber’s blonde tones! This gleaming shade is both trendy and fashionable, making it stand out even more.

Amber Highlight

Wavy hair with amber sparkles gives dimension to your hair, making it appear thicker. It’s an excellent option for women who have thin or less hair.

Autumn Amber For Mid-Ages

This shimmering amber color is perfect if you’re seeking for a warmer, more romantic hair color before autumn arrives. This haircut and color, which is popular among middle-aged women, will give your face a youthful appearance.

Amber Glow

If you are thinking of giving your hair a wonderful shine without giving up your naturalness, how about glowing with amber color?

Blonde Amber Lob

Together with the modern lob cut, the amber tone, which is dominated by blonde tones, provides an eye-catching style.

Glowing Gorgeous Amber

When coupled with light hair waves, golden sparkles in amber create a romantic aesthetic.

Amber Honey Curls

With honey-tone amber, curly hair is more striking than ever. This hairstyle, which will complete the look of women with skin in cold undertones, is among our favorites!

Light Shades

Although amber in lighter tones takes the transition from dark hair a little more challenging, the end result is well worth it!

Mid-Length Shiny Amber

The medium length cut is one of the most popular haircuts, thanks to its benefits such as its adaptability in hairstyles and ease of maintenance compared to long hair. We think that mid-length hair, with its distinctive amber color, just looks great.

Rosy Amber

The feminine stance of the dusty rose color creates a wonderful blend with the warm tones of amber.

From Amber To Amber Blonde

The transformation from amber to amber blonde produces a beautiful look with warm, luminous tones. The hair, which has a lot of movement thanks to the layered cut, highlights the beautiful coloring technique even more.

Auburn Amber

For some women, auburn hair is a passion. The amber sparkles you’ll add to your auburn hair will give your look a fresh start.

With Hollywood Waves

It’s easy to capture the Rita Hayworth vibe with retro Hollywood waves in amber tones!

Sweet Tones Of Amber

Containing sweet and soft tones, amber also looks gorgeous with a messy hairstyle.

Amber Blonde Curtain Bangs

Amber tones get closer to your face with the deep curtain bangs trimmed, and your eyes come to the fore with the amber toned hair at eye level.

Orange Amber Curls

Particularly if you have freckles, reddish amber tones will seem both natural and dramatic. This is a great hairstyle to try, especially if you have curly hair.

If you’re looking for a hair color that will really make you stand out, amber is a great option. With its many different shades, there is sure to be an amber hair color that is perfect for you. So take a look at these amber hair color ideas and find the perfect one for your next look!

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