30 Braided Hairstyles for 2021

Blonde Braided Hair


Braids are hairstyles that can be adapted to almost any style. If you wear a vintage dress; braids make your romantic style completed. If you have gym mood, braids make your sportive style completed. It is like a magical hairstyle option. Let’s see the magical world of braids. Here are 30 Braided Hairstyles for 2021.

Fishtail Braid

This type of braid is based on French style. You can have the most romantic look with all braided or half-braided fishtail hairstyles.

Waterfall Braid

The hairstyle that every girl dreams of for prom! Yes, its name is waterfall braid. It namedafter half of the hair is french braided – other half is cascaded in braids like waterfall.


Waterfall Loop Braid

With a professional help, you can have loops on your gorgeous waterfall braids. It givesmore stylish look on classic braids.

Side Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are classic and beautiful. If you want to try a little difference; choose a side! Side fishtails are fun and new. And also if you have a favorite side of face to take a good selfie, this one is highly recommended for you.


Crown Braid

Crown Braids are basically French braids but wraps around the head, like a crown. It can seem difficult but if you manage to do french braids, you can do it either.

Braided Updo

This hairstyle is very popular for brides. Dutch or French braids used for a bun for a creation romantic look.


Box Braids

When you hear ‘African braids’ what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Yes, it is Box Braids. Its name comes after hair divided square boxes before braided.

Jumbo Braids

Jumbo Braids are a thicker version of box braids. If you like to having braids but hate to sit down to a chair for hours; it is for you. When knitting jumbo braids, more hair is taken and a thicker braid is created. Thus, your waiting time for the hair to be completed is reduced.


Feed in Braids

In this type, braids are feeding with your hair or synthetic hair from the point where the
hairline begins. Since, therefore, your hairstyle is formed as if it were naturally braided.

Braided Bun

With a chic bun you can add another level of style to this fabulous African braids.


Yarn Braids

Yarn Braids were very popular in the 90s. But now you have chance to express your
creativity in 2021, because every shade of yarn available for your new hairstyle! For this style, hair braided with %100 acrylic yarn, and it lasts up to 5 weeks.

Cornrow Ponytail

In cornrow style, hair is braided very close to the scalp to accomplish its perfection.


Havana Twist Braids

This type of braids are protective for the hair. Because during the process, natural hair
wrapping around fiber extensions. Havana twists are more expensive than box or cornrow braids due to needs a lot of packs of hair extensions.

Jumbo Twist Bun

With this braided hairstyle, you can have a very ethnic & chic appearance.


Ombre Braids

You can add every color to your stylish braids. You have totally freedom about the choice of color transitions like dark to light or totally different combinations like pink to blue.

Micro Braids

Micro Braids like its name, tiny box or tiny cornrow braids. It is more useful about low height of each braid. But also, it takes more time to compare regular or jumbo braids. If you have thin hair, it is not recommended due to braided very tight and frequent.


Long Braided Ponytail

In this model, expert hands can show us to their knowledge of geometry. It can be combined in several patterns and braided styles.

Dutch Braid

It is a reverse version of French Braid. Just same as French Braid, hair is divided into three strands but with Dutch technique braids are not lying flat to your scalp. This adds volume to the braids. It is a good choice for thin hairs.


Double Dutch Braids

One Dutch Braid is very chic. Double Dutch braids makes that double!

Mohawk Braid

You can combine a very rebellious and punk Mohawk hairstyle with your flawless braids. The Mohawk style, which you can choose as a side braided or a big fluffy braided, looks pretty wild and stylish.


Rapunzel Braid

Thanks to professional hands, we can now have hair of Rapunzel! This model became the choice of many brides for their wedding hair after the animation “Tangled”. A magnificent combination is formed with the elegance of the flowers and braids, just perfect.

Half-Up Braid

This one is very suitable for long hairs. You can add any geometric patterns to your half-up, also you can wave your hair in the wind.


Big Size – Line Cornrow Braids

Very sportive, very casual. You can also make this model at home, as it is braided from larger hair pieces! Thinner hair can also have this hairstyle without using hair extensions.

Braided Low Updo

It is very easy to capture the romantic look with this one. Braid your hair loosely, brush back from the bottom with bob pins. Here is your vintage hairstyle ready.


Cornrows and Goddess Braids

With the thicker look of Goddess Braids and easy-shaped Cornrows, you can make art on your scalp.

Bushel Braid

With a couple ponytail holders and a professional hand; you can have one of a kind; Bushel Braid.


Triangle Braids

You can make any geometrical touch on your scalp. Your hair sections can be divided as squares, lines, triangles. Triangle Braids add some excitement to classic braids.

Snake Braids

It is one of the most stylish options to classic three strand braids. It gets the name from its snake-like coiling. You can use fully or half braided versions. It is a very good choice for women who do not give up on the classics but still want to attract attention.


Rainbow Snake Braids

You can make this stylish style more fun with colorful hair extensions.

Half Down Double Strande Braids

With this one, you can have a fairy look for sure. This hairstyle is suitable for special occasions due to its romantic way.


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